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Busy Body(quick note)

If you’ve visited Shai’s Bakery blog lately, you would notice I havent been active. Well I’m going on vacation Tuesday and have been preparing for it for a while! Secretly planning a birthday vacation from a nosy little brother takes a lot of work. Ive missed out on some good posts for my blogging101 but I will catch up, even though I believe it will be over when I get back!

I plan to film and document the whole trip as I have lots of goodies planned so I will post about it, pictures, videos, and more when I get back!

P.s, I’m planning to learn how to apply makeup and create a youtube for said creations. I really want to connect with people in the world and I feel that would be a great start. Letting the idea stew for a while (also I’m looking for a better camera).

Happy baking!

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