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3 new goals for the blog.

I have started my second blogging course, blogging201 and our first assignment is to create 3 goals for my blog. When I really think about it, my blog, for once, is actually doing really well. It’s not where I want it yet but I get activity on every post I make now. That is an achievement in itself for me. I have missed a week and some days with posting but I have legitimate reasons. I have a kidney stone that needs passing. I’m not embarrassed about it. It’s very painful and I can’t wait until it passes and I pray I never get this again. My internet was also cut off seeing as we are moving at the moment. So that brings me to my goals.

  1. I want to have at least 2 posts drafted and scheduled for positing if I cannot get to my blog every week. I want my blog to stay active with quality content. 
  2. I want to gain more followers. I don’t have a set number simply because I am greatful for every follower I have and receive. But I want more. 
  3. Last but not least. I want to become more comfortable commenting with others, on my blog and others blog. I still hold back some things or overthink my words because of my shyness so I want to work harder on that. That in all honesty is the reason I created my blog. 

My life is getting much more interesting and I am finding new lights at the end of my seemingly dark tunnels so I am going to make sure I use them to my advantage and accomplish my goals. I haven’t set any specific dates or times, if you have noticed because that will put unnecessary pressure on me. I know myself and it will make me procrastinate more than actually work. 

So with that, I am signing off now. On to write a few drafts of new interest and finds.

Ta ta for now,


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  1. Great goals! And don’t be shy about commenting. That’s why we are a community here!?

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