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November Goals

Hi Readers!

Last month was very scary as I barely got to post! I made a schedule to post twice a week last month and didn’t get a chance to follow that at all. So this months goal for my blog is to follow last month’s goal of two posts (at least) per week! I’m going to get some drafts in and schedule them asap so it will take some stress off of me. I have a week break between terms this month so I should do much better!

My goals for Shai’s Bakery is to get more bakes and products out there. I want to get everything ready for the new year so I can get new customers and actually get more orders in. I did have a cake sale last month and it went great so I’m thankful of that! This month I plan to get at least 20 orders in. I offer cookies nation wide so if you would like some, please visit Shaisbakery.com and get your orders in! 😉

My goals for health is to jog three times a week and reaching a mile jog at the end of this month. I also want to stop eating out so much. I’m tired of fast food so home cooked meals 5 days out of the week this month is my food goal.

Okay lovelies. What are your goals for this month? Do you have goals from previous months that you still haven’t completed? Did you pass your goals and are making new ones? Comment below! I’d love to hear them!

Happy Days,


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