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HAPPY NEW YEAR. Yes, I am late but I wanted to say it anyways!

January, the month for new starts, new relationships, new resolutions, new promises and always, the “new me.” I decided I would try my best to not say any of the above. It’s cliche to me, and it just doesn’t work. Every time I say it, I don’t do any of the things I wanted. I don’t complete my resolutions, I don’t form new friendships, and I don’t change as a person.

So this year I decided to make goals. It’s still the same concept but the name difference makes me want to work extra hard to reach them. Some differences I’ve made to start my journey is creating my very own bullet journal. I found out about bullet journals last year and have fallen in love with them. They can be simple, cheap, extravagant, artistic, and so much more. I am not a very artistic person but I am trying my best to make it as creative as possible. If you are interested in making your own you can buy one at the link provided above or if you have blank notebooks that you aren’t getting any use out of you can create your own(like I did) and here are some of my favorite spreads/layouts.

I have also started a YouTube page. You can check it out if you would like (would love it if you watched my videos, thumbs them up, commented, and of course subscribed, yes I am shamelessly promoting myself). It was my first step in stepping out of my comfort zone which is one of my goals. I want to be uncomfortable so that I may progress forward in life and enjoy more things than I have been able to so far. I plan to make my YouTube for many different things including so far: makeup, hair tutorials and talk, lifestyle talk, vlogging, gameplay (I am a sims 3 player so faithfully omg), and many other things. If you have any suggestions for me relating to what content I should or could provide on my YT please let me know!


I just recently changed my blog URL to laqingincreativity.wordpress.com. I took the name from my old blog that failed and I literally just found it tonight and remembered that I loved that name so I changed this one from shaisbakery to laqingincreativity. So if you see that name on your dashboard please don’t be worried that you followed someone unknown, it is my new blog URL.

Another thing I want to mention is school. After my two week winter break from Uni, I’m getting back into the hang of homework and what not. Can I just say that it’s stressful?? Because it is. I cannot wait until this class is over (come on, February!) but my next class is maths: applied statistics. I hate math with a passion so I’m pretty sure that’s going to stress me out as well. On a good note, I am devoting myself more to homework and class related readings. I am getting my good grades but man it’s stressful. Can’t wait for summer break!

Happy Blogging, happy days, smile, laugh, & live,


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