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Being a Shy Introvert.

I want to try something new. That something new is going to be talking about Thing’s I’ve Learned. Being a shy introvert is my first topic since it is so familiar to me.

I’ve been shy all my life but it got really bad when I started Vallejo Jr High, middle school. I started school alone, all my friends went to another school and I had to make friends all over again. I felt lost. I didn’t speak to anyone, I only smiled when someone smiled at me first (which was very rare at that school) and I actually never made friends there. I attended Vallejo Jr for only 3 months as in October of that year, my family and I moved out to Vegas. When we finally came out here, school was even worse for me. I truly had no friends, lost contact with my previous elementary friends, and knew absolutely no one out here.

People at school took my shyness as a form of arrogance or being mean. It wasn’t just kids at school but everyone I seemed to run into took it that way. I have to admit, even I take one’s shyness that way but then I remember how I am and I quickly correct myself and my thoughts.

I wanted to be included in all the clubs, activities, and get-togethers at school and outside of school but I never spoke up because I was way too shy for that. That, and nobody ever offered me to join.


The rest of this post will be mostly pictures that I can fully 100% relate to. I hope you have a good laugh reading these because I sure did.


I cried laughing at the roll call meme, I did that every class. That one and the one about coughing speaks to me on a spiritual level, okay? I have a connection with those two lol


Well that’s the end of it for now, folks. I hope you enjoyed!

Stay happy, love, live, laugh, be the best person you can be.





*all pictures and tweets, except the featured image, is from google. The featured image was created by me*

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  1. Yep. Stay happy 🙂

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