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#CGGS Is Official!

If you follow Elisabeth at Everything & Nothin’, then you know that Chubby Girl Gets Skinny is officially a group on facebook! If you don’t follow her, then you definitely should.


What is CGGS?

It’s a weight loss journey support group for plus size women wanting a healthier lifestyle. In the group, we support each other, encourage each other and enlighten each other about all things health and fitness! A lot of us at CGGS are big girls and are newbies at working out and eating right, but if you are more advance in that area definitely join us! Beginners and Experts are more than welcome.

CGGS is for all levels of fitness and health to join in supporting others who are trying to get a healthy lifestyle and holding each other accountable. I have tried so many times to lose weight and even share my journey online but I never received feedback or “good job!” so when the hard times came, I simply stopped. So far I have been going 4 weeks strong with my healthy lifestyle journey and it’s because I have Elisabeth rooting me on and counting on me to continue and not give up. We want to help you find that group, or person, that will encourage you to continue and work through your struggles!

How do I join and what do I do?

To join CGGS, you can simply join our facebook page! There you will have access to all our tips, resources, support, rantings and more on weight loss and eating healthy. If you are a blogger, go ahead and share your CGGS related posts on the FaceBook page to get extra readers and viewers! Yes, it’s a great way to promote your blog and that’s totally okay to do (as long as the posts are healthy lifestyle/weight loss related)!

Do I have to share Before and After pictures/share my measurements and weight?

No. If you are not comfortable at first sharing those facts, you definitely do not have to share them. But it is highly encouraged to share. It is a step out of your comfort zone, yes. You may feel embarrassed sharing those stats, you may even feel ashamed. We have all been there. The only reason I even posted my stats is because I read Elisabeth’s post and she had her stats up, front, and center. She inspired me to do the same. After all, we are all working to change our eating habits and be more physically active. We wont stay at our current stats forever (unless you are comfortable where you are at with your weight/size and just want to maintain that!).

Rules and Policies.

We have a few rules (what group doesn’t?) but they are only for your comfort and safety.

  1. Do not spam the group. You can share your eating habits throughout the day, you can give daily updates on your journey, you can post your pictures of before and after workouts. Do not post the same thing x times in a row. That is never amusing and it will get you kicked out of the group 🙁 We don’t want that.
  2. If you are looking to promote your blog with our FB page, then please be respectful and share only posts relating to eating healthy and finding a healthier you.
  3. Have fun, find confidence to share your journey, and be supportive. Do NOT bash on the other girls, no matter how big or small they are for sharing their journey. This is a support group. Not a hate group.

Why was CGGS created?

Honestly, Elisabeth started this as her own personal journey and I felt so inspired by it that I stole it. No, I’m kidding. I asked her if I could join her journey and keep her title of Chubby Girl Gets Skinny because I thought it was 1. Absolutely adorable. 2. Inspiring (I cannot stress enough how inspired I am by her, I know I sound like a broken record). and 3. I was really hoping she would read my weekly progress and encourage me to keep going (which she so sweetly did!). All in all, I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked her directly if we could make it a thing.

You can read Elisabeths reason for starting CGGS in the first place here.

Does it cost?

Nope! None. Nada. Nothing. No. Not at all! CGGS is completely free and we will even have chances for our members to win awesome FREE prizes in the future with succession of the group! So it costs nothing, you get great support, tips, tricks, recipes(healthy, of course), and you will eventually get to win awesome FREE stuff. Need another reason? Well if you have tried so many times, that you’ve lost count, to lose weight or find a healthier you and you’re ready to give up, dont. Join our group and we will do our best to inspire you to keep pushing on and find the healthier you you’ve been looking for.

Links to spread the word: (copied from Elisabeth’s Official Post)

  • Tweet the post to your Twitter Account (you can use any of the images with Buffer)
  • Tweet about the Facebook Group and use the link
  • Or simply copy and paste this pre-made tweet: Tired of failing at a healthy lifestyle? Join #CGGS today and finally achieve your goals! http://bit.ly/1TGM2wf #lifestyle #blogger
  • Use the CGGS logo at the top of the page and post to your Instagram
  • Mention the group on YouTube and link the Facebook Group in the description
  • Share the group to your Facebook Wall
  • Reblog this post on your blog
  • Write your own blog post about the group
  • Pin any of the images to your Pinterest boards
  • Add our Join #CGGS button to your blog. Click here to see how to do it! 


Click either button to join our group!

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  1. AWW thanks so much love for posting this on your blog too! You’re amazing! I can’t wait to see where this goes!! You’re the best!!

    1. Not at all a problem! I’m also working on a video for my youtube to get even more members 🙂

      1. Omgsh that is so exciting!!! You’re the best!!!!!

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  3. […] the look of my weekly progress reports. To see why this started check out my Initial post and This post. To see some of my beautiful group of friends joined in on this health movement, check out […]

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