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I’m Getting My Wisdom Teeth Pulled!

Today’s post will be a little chit chat for those who like reading about my life and what goes on in it.

I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I am scared, frightened, nervous and every other adjective that describes fear. I have had issues with my wisdom tooth for almost a year now and I have put if off for almost a year now. I had plans to keep putting it off until I had better insurance and felt I could trust the dentist but alas, my tooth was hurting last Tuesday and though I was used to the pain, my grandfather and father decided they had enough of me dealing with this pain. So my dad calls UNLV dentist school and schedules an emergency extraction. I swore up and down it wasn’t that serious, I was fine, honestly! But they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Why am I afraid of getting my tooth pulled? Well, I never liked the dentist. Ever. I’m afraid of needles, I’ve been having horrible reactions to painkillers and narcotics lately, I’m allergic to most common painkillers (for serious pain like getting your tooth pulled, ibuprofen is fine for me), and the dentist in Las Vegas don’t have the best reviews nor the nicest attitudes. I think the biggest reason I’m worried is the aftermath. How much pain will it be and for how long? I’ve heard the pain lasts for about a week when instructions are followed to a T, but will I have any complications? Will they wait until I’m fully numb to begin pulling or will they put me to sleep? Will I wake up if the latter? Will I have any permanent complications after the procedure?

As you can see, these things are very important problems and worries. I know I’m going to have to put work off for at least half this week but thankfully, blogs allow you to schedule posts.

One other thing that I’m worried about, which is truly funny when you think about it is how I am going to act on my way back to the house. I have seen horror videos of people having their tooth pulled then, because they are so drugged up, say the most embarrassing things! I know my family, if I am in the truck, crying and saying embarrassing stuff they WILL record it and post it online. I am so afraid of that happening, you have no idea. I don’t have horrible secrets or anything but I know I have a very wild imagination and I just don’t want to embarrass myself.

I ask for you all to wish me good and speedy recovery. I will give you all an update with my experience (on what I remember) when I am healed and able to think correctly again.


Stay safe, be happy.




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  1. AWWW!!! I had my wisdom teeth pulled (all four of them). It wasn’t painful at all! I passed right out! The only things are you feel a tiny bit groggy when you wake up. However, it isn’t bad at all. I barely had any pain at all. I just slept for the rest of the day and went to work the next day. My mouth was a tiny bit sore but nothing you can’t live with. It hurt less than having a canker sore. Having a cavity is much more painful. You really have nothing to worry about and I promise you it doesn’t hurt. I am totally praying for you and that you have complete peace! You can do this girl!!

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