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July Purchases

Hi dolls and kens!

As the title stays, this post will be about my recent purchases. I bought just a few items to review for my YouTube channel but I want to share my purchases and reviews here for you too. I know most of my readers aren’t subscribed to my channel so I am bringing the information to YOU!

All of my purchases except for the Planner, end table, and Makeup Brush kit, were purchased at Walmart and all for under $10. Keep Reading to see exact prices, more information, and my thoughts!

So first off, listing the things I’ve bought:

  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
  • Maybelline Contour/Highlight stick
  • ELF “Rich Red” Matte lip pencil
  • Wet’n’Wild “Stoplight Red” Lipstick
  • Wet’n’ Wild “Be More Pacific” Nail polish
  • BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit
  • Stabilo point 88 25-color wallet set
  • Pilot G-2 extra fine point pens 2-pack
  • Small black and white design binder clips
  • and the LACK end table that all the above products are showcased on.
  • (not pictured but I also purchased some NYC eye liner pencils. Kohl and Blue)
  • I also just purchased a Passion Planner but that has not arrived yet so there is no picture of that…yet. If there is a picture, then I waited to publish this post with the Planner!


– – Maybelline Fit Me Foundation-355 Coconut

$5.94. What I love about this foundation, it gives full coverage with a light application. It goes on smooth and light. Even when it sets, it still feels like there is nothing on your face. It also has a light sweet but fresh scent! The color fits me perfectly as well, which I was shocked as it’s pretty similar to my previous foundation (Loreal True Match, about $8 also at Wal-Mart) and Loreal was brighter than my normal skin tone.

–Maybelline Contour/Highlight stick – 020 Deep Fonce

$7.94. Do I love this? Not really. The highlight is too bright, and the contour barely shows up on me. It’s way too close to my natural skin tone. Would I buy it again if I could find a deeper color duo? Maybe. For Maybelline Master Concealer (also in Deep/Fonce) it cost about the same price as the duo stick, but you only get the Concealer (or highlight). I thought I was getting a deal with both concealer and contour but I honest think I’d rather stick with Maybelline Master Concealer and just pay $14 for both highlight and contour.

–ELF Matte Lip Pencil – Rich Red

$3.00. What I love about this lip color is mostly that it’s matte and it fits my skin tone and face shape. For so long I have been searching for “the perfect red” for me and my body. This isn’t the perfect red but it’s very close! I also love that it’s matte. What I don’t like about this lip color is that it’s meant for the entire lip (not as a lip liner) and it doesn’t go on as smooth as I’d hope. It isn’t rough, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t hurt while going on but if you pre-moist your lips with some balm or carmex, it doesn’t go on as pigmented as I’d like it to. This may not be a problem for you so don’t let my experiences deter you from trying it!

— Wet’n’Wild Lipstick – Stoplight Red

$1.93. I love this color because again, it’s very close to being the perfect red for me. It’s very VERY similar to ELF Matte, just without the matte, which I think gives it a lighter tone than ELF. The application is smooth and creamy going on and throughout the day, but doesn’t last all day so keep that in mind. However, my application did last about 7 hours, which I was very pleased with.

— Wet’n’Wild Nail Polish – Be More Pacific

$0.93. I adore this color and that, plus the price, was why I bought it. I do have quite a few Wet’n’Wild nail polishes and they are all beautiful colors! The tops do come off the actual brush, which is an annoyance, and the color lasts for about 2 days but…well with the price, I think you shouldn’t expect much from this but if you don’t mind reapplying every other day or so, then definitely go with this polish. As I said, I have quite a few and in a lot of different colors.

–BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Kit (purchased from Amazon)

$11.99. I JUST got these on Sunday and have yet to use them. What I can say already is that I love the bristles. They are so soft and feel really high quality. I was actually looking around for Real Technique’s brushes and blenders and ran across these. They have a lot of high reviews and praise. Plus, the handle of the brushes are pink. I knew I had to get them. They came in two days (I do have Student Prime) and they came very well packaged. A brush bag (which was a slight surprise for me, I read the reviews and another purchaser said they received the bag so I wasn’t jumping for joy surprised) and each brush is packaged in its own plastic. When you open the bag that the brush bag and brushes are in, there is an overwhelming smell of paint. The smell went away pretty quickly (in about 10 minutes, I would say) so it isn’t something that I’d return or give bad reviews for. The other downside is that the brushes don’t have titles on them to tell you which brush is for what. That is a let down but not enough to make me NOT purchase these brushes. I can’t wait to use them!

–Stabilo point 88 25-color wallet set (Purchased from Amazon)

$13.63. I have been seeing so many raves and praises for these pens and I’ve wanted them for a while now. When I purchased my Passion Planner (and read that Stabilo pens are good writing utensils for the Passion Planner) I kind of used that as my reason to finally purchase the pens. I have done a scratch test with the pens and I LOVE them. They write so smooth and the bleed is pretty darn nice. It doesn’t smudge from the scratch I’ve done and the quality of the color is amazing. They really are the exact color of the tops coordinated with each pen. I definitely recommend these.

–Pilot G-2 extra fine point pens 2-pack (Wal-Mart)

$2.74. I also purchased these after I bought my Passion Planner because they were recommended on the Passion Planner website. I do love these pens as well. I have used them a bit more than the Stabilo and they write smooth too. The point very fine which helps me slow down writing and make it neater and prettier.

–Small black and white design binder clips (Wal-Mart)

$2.82. I also bought these for my Passion Planner. I haven’t used them yet but they are so cute and they go with the theme I am doing for my Passion Planner (which is Black and White, with some accent colors here and there).

–The LACK end table (Ikea)

$8.64. I needed a “picture” space and I knew this was what I wanted. I actually saw this table on a blog post (great photography tips for bloggers, by the way! Check it out) and thought it was really cute. I went to Ikea and saw the price and thought, “no way. that isn’t the exact table she used for her pictures.” But I decided to buy it anyway to see for myself and I kid you not, it is WONDERFUL. I was going to go with black but I’m so glad I went with white. I do not regret this at all. Plus it’s an easy 10 minute setup!

–NYC Eye Liner Pencils ( Wal-Mart)

$0.93 each. I bought two. Kohl and Blue colors. They are your typical eye liner pencils. They do run smooth though and they show up pretty darn well. I don’t really have anything bad to say about these.

–Passion Planner (Passionplanner.com)

$12 ($6 [sale on the 2016 Planners in classic black] plus $6 in shipping). Okay. So I’m not going to start using this until Friday (my friend bought one also and we’re going to be complete nerds and plan together over FaceTime, because she lives literally about 2,000 miles away from me). But, I can honestly say that I am so excited to use this planner. What I love most about it is that it comes with sections meant to inspire you, encourage you to grow, and track your growth. I have had so much success this year and I want to track and record it. Yes, I am still using my bullet journal as well but I know this will help me be more detailed with my goals and daily happenings. You can even reflect on the week, month, mid-year, and end-of-year in the planner. I honestly cannot wait to start using this baby. I have printed out the free PDF pages before and loved the system (I just didn’t have the time to hole-punch and place all the pages in a binder. I was very impatient back then) so I’m glad I bought the pre-made planner. Plus they gave me a free compact planner! I’m super happy about that. I don’t know who to give it to, and I can’t do giveaways on my youtube yet (plus I was really excited and kind of already took it out of the original packaging) so I think I am going to use the compact edition as a finance tracker. I really need to focus on my finances and track it better.

Here are pictures of most of purchases.

Which purchase was your favorite? Do you own any of the products? What are your thoughts about them?


Don’t overspend but always invest.



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