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#BeautiesOnFire Summer styles: 7 outfits perfect for the beach!


Summer came quickly this year and is leaving just as fast. How did you spend your summer? I spent mine working, crafting, and upgrading my work and myself. I’m not complaining though! I enjoy what I do and compared to my other summers, this has been the best, productively, spiritually, and emotionally.

Summer isn’t gone yet though, and as it gets closer to the fall (my favorite season because it means winter is coming), the weather is cooling down enough for comfy relaxing days and nights at the beach. Bonfires, anyone? I’ve never been to a bonfire but I dream of going to one. This is honestly one of my biggest goals on my bucket list!

Beauties on Fire is back and this weeks winning theme is Summer Styles! Last weeks winning theme was Classic Beauty, check it out if you missed it! When the winning theme was announced earlier this week, I knew that I wanted to do a fashion post for this theme instead of a beauty look. I personally feel dressing for summer is so much better and easier than applying makeup.

I was rummaging through the closet in my “office” and found all of my summer clothes that I thought were stuck in the storage…I was happily wrong! I havent been out much since I found the clothes so I knew I wanted to use them for this post! I put together some really cute and comfortable outfits that I love and would totally wear at the beach (over my bathing suit, of course!).

I also wanted to showcase my sandals because I am completely a shoe girl and love my shoes but alas, I had no cameraman working with me and honestly, I think I am shoe-picture-challenged. I could not for the life of me get a good shot or angle. It frustrated the life out of me and I didn’t have much patience as I was taking the pictures, so I gave up very quickly.

I only used a few pieces of clothes to create my looks. They came out better than I expected and it made me feel great. I think my favorite looks are the light blue shorts, black top, with the beige cardigan and the black shorts, black top, with the blue-flowered cover up. Those specifically just scream beach wear to me.





A loose graphic tee or tank is the perfect top for beach wear. Easy cover-up, easy to put on, easy to take off. I love elephants so this look is just perfect for me!



The top is honestly one of my favorite tops I own. I use it for a little bit of everything. Shopping. Grocery shopping. Day wear. Night wear. I even wore it to church one time with high-waist Jeans. It’s so comfortable and breathe-able. I’m all about my clothes giving me breathing room. Plus, it’s leopard print…my favorite.



“Plaid should never be worn in the summer!” – Said no one ever. Wear that plaid button up over a cute tee or cami and be fabulous, darling!



Cardigans…honestly one of the best ever clothing pieces designed. This was about $12 at Wal-Mart. IMG_3643

Don’t forget the watch and your sunglasses!


The clothes are all from Wal-Mart.

The sunglasses are Betsey, from TJ Maxx.

Watch from also Wal-Mart.

Bracelet is an old necklace.

Necklace chain from Groupon.

Pendant was a gift.

Earrings are from Marshalls.


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Have fun, Live life to the fullest, enjoy the little things.


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  1. Omgsh girl you look AMAZING!!! I totally love every single look! I need that elephant and leopard top!! I love anything and I mean anything animal print!! These really are the perfect summer beach styles!! Kill it girl!!

    1. Leopard print is by far my absolute favorite print lol it’s so….perfect! and thanks for reading, doll! You’re such a great supporter and friend!

      1. Isn’t it the best invention ever!!! I just can’t get enough of it!! Lush needs to make a leopard bath bomb. I would totally bathe in it haha!! And I feel the same about you love!! You such an amazing friend!!

      2. O. M. G. If lush made a leopard bath bomb that would probably be the ONLY thing I ever use in the bath lmfaooo

      3. Haha same here!! Girl, forget lush….WE should come up with one!!! Etsy shop?? I think YES haha!

      4. lol well all of our ideas have been successful so far! You know, that’s actually not a bad idea at all…lol you really got me thinking now, Beth! lmao

      5. Haha me too!!!! Thinking how would that work and what do I need to buy to make it haha!

      6. Right! lol

  2. I tootally agree on plaid. It feels like a fall thing but it looks adorable even in fall colors worn throughout summer! So besides being one of my lovely fellow #BeautiesOnFire, you definitely had to be in my nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award today (:


    1. OMG! You are the best ever! Thank you so much for nominating me!!! That has truly made me week!! and yes, plaid is the perfect transition from summer to fall, in my opinion! Glad you agree!!

  3. I love all those looks!!!!! If I will ever be to the US, I need to go to Walmart and do some serious shopping!!!! That place hides treasures

    1. they really do! lol I can’t stand walmart workers (most of them, not all are bad) but the prices and the finds are so great sometime!

  4. I loved every single look! I admire your dedication to fashion, even when the temperatures are soaring…I just wilt and give up on everything until fall 🙂 I nominated your blog for the Liebster award btw. The original post is here:

    1. Thank you!! lol It’s definitely hot and was a task to change outfits and take pictures but luckily the inside of the house is nice and cool so it wasn’t too bad. I want to start taking pictures outside though and I know that will be a challenge! lol and OMG thank you so much!!!!!

      1. I feel ya. My outfit posts are gonna have to wait until the weather decides to be a solid 70 degrees or less. ?

  5. I love all these outfits!! Slay girl!

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. Thank you!!!

  6. Very awesome that you’re showcasing different looks. 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂

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  9. Oh my freaking gosh I cannot get over how perfect your style is!!!! I LOVE literally everything in this post, we have such a similar style looking at this post, especially with the leopard print and elephants! You’re totally nailing this theme Shai, you look amazing! Also, I can’t believe you’ve never been to a bonfire before, to me that seems crazy as every year there’s always bonfires around ‘Bonfire night’, it’s actually hard to get away from them in all honesty! I love fall too, now that we’re in September all I can think about is that Halloween is approaching!

    1. Yes!!! I’ve never been to a bonfire and I cannot wait till the day that I do lol that is such a goal for me. And exactly, September isnt even on my mind, it’s all about Halloween lol I can’t wait!!

      1. I’ve got Halloween songs on repeat in my mind, I feel like a kid at Christmas hahaha. No idea what I’m going to do yet this year though! I hope you manage to get to a bonfire soon!!

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