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Introducing The Planner: The Best Is Yet To Come

If you have read my September and August Goals post, I said that I had a love for planners, stationary, and the likes. I also stated that I wanted to have a place for that on my blog.

Well, I welcome you to The Planner!

This is my first post on the new topic and I’m very excited because I have a little game for you all. Planner Wars. I have a few different planners, all on the affordable/cheaper spectrum, and I thought it would be fun to have a battle of the planners that I have to find out which one is the best.

Keep reading to get the first battle and elimination!


This first battle is going to be all about the layouts of the planners and getting to know them more.

First up, we have the See It Bigger Planner. Around $5 at Walmart.


As you can see, it’s pretty darn colorful. I actually got two. I have a black and white one that you can change the cover of. This planner actually came with a cover, as you will see below.


What I bought this planner for was the space for the days. I write big and messy most of the time and I like to have space for that attribute of mines.


This is the cover of the planner. It comes with 3 credit card holders and a clear ID holder, as well as a pocket for extra things.


The cover is of leather feel, and I love the color! The planner that is inside the cover is my other plan ahead planner, the black and white one, I bought this one to use for my brothers schedule, since I’m kind of his personal assistant. IMG_3813

I don’t care for the monthly layout but it’s not horrible either.


I used this planner for a while before I got bored with it. I’d say about maybe 3 weeks. I didn’t go full on and decorate it or anything because I felt it wasn’t personal enough to do so. It would take away from the space of writing and I didn’t want that.

Next up is the classic dated compact passion planner. $24.99. IMG_3823

This planner, and the big brother, comes with a faux leather cover, elastic band, and bookmark. IMG_3824

The inside pages features helpful sections of how to use the planner, why you should use the planner, and even gives examples! Talk about being prepared.


(Silly me, I forgot to take monthly layout for the baby planner but you will see its brother later in the post). The weekly layout is something I like. It takes two pages, has a timeline, gives you sections for notes, to-do’s, and good things that have happened to you. The thing I think I love most about this weekly layout is the fact that it gives you a good amount of space to just doodle, brain dump, whatever you want to do without sacrificing space for your actual planning! I love the quotes and prompts it gives you each week.

Our next contestant is the 2016 Soar 17 Month Spiral Planner. I do believe this was my first planner I bought. It’s from Amazon and I only paid $10.33 for it.


The cover is clear, laminate, and well…flimsy. It’s not a sturdy planner so I never take it outside the house.


First page of the planner. Very to the point.


The calendar system is nice. Slightly small but I’m not truly complaining. IMG_3832

Each month comes with a beautiful full page inspiring photo. The monthly layout is better than the See It Bigger monthly layout but still small for my liking.


The weekly layout is similar to the See It Bigger planner, nice size blocks for each day but not much you can do to personalize it without sacrificing writing space.

The Bullet Journal. This contestant has been around for a while. It’s fame soaring to new heights after Ryder Carroll created the system. You can buy the original Bullet Journal here. $20.00


I bought this journal from WalMart for about $5 and made it into my own bullet journal. I wanted a bullet journal but didn’t want to pay for a Leuchtturm Notebook so I picked this one up. The design is pretty cute. I was having a sort of modern, clean lines phase so I thought this would fit nicely. Now, I personally can’t stand the design but I still use it!IMG_3851IMG_3852

Blank lines pages is all you get with this baby.


You can fully customize this planner to your exact liking. I have tried many different layouts to see which one worked best for me and this is one of my pride and joys. I even made my own pocket using washi tape.


The weekly layouts are exactly what you want them to be. The pages can be anything you need them to be. I stopped using it as a daily system and I now use it for lists, brain dumps, and other things that don’t need a date attached to them. I adore this.

Last but not least is our final contestant. Coming in strong with the classic black full A5 size elastic band Passion Planner. Currently on sale for $14.99 Originally $29.99IMG_3860

What can I say about this planner? It’s the brother to the baby Compact Planner and I love it even more. As I said, I write big and messy most of the time. I need space to do so.IMG_3865

As you can tell, I use this one much more than the baby. I can personalize it to my liking and give it a cute theme as well.


I love highlighting the prompts and quotes to give myself extra inspiration for the week. IMG_3867

(off the note, if you don’t know who Jay Park is, you should check him out. Here is his youtube) See my little addition of the washi tape? Simple yet attractive.


For the end of the months, you have a reflection prompt that I hope you get to utilize. It questions you of how the month went, what you accomplished, what you learned and more. It gives you a reason to really think about the past month and experience the lessons you’ve learned or the fun you’ve had and write them down for memories. I actually can’t wait to fill out Augusts Reflection.


And here is the monthly layout I promised you. As you can see, I used this pretty much fully and I love it. I have more than enough space to write down my main importance, I can add cute notes and reminders and I have space for my months projects and how to execute them.

Points and Elimination

See It Bigger Planner: $5 at Walmart. RATING: 2/5 STARS

  • I wouldn’t buy it again. I’m more into personalizing things to make me really use them.
  • The price is good though if you want a regular planner to be organized with.
  • The cover is nice to have if you want a Kate Spade dupe for under $10.
  • You can use the cover over and change the planner, make it a bullet journal if you want!

Compact Passion Planner (dated): On sale for $12.49. Originally $24.99. RATING: 3/5 STARS

  • Can be taken outside the house.
  • faux leather cover
  • elastic band
  • bookmark
  • wonderful layout
  • prompting
  • inspiring

Amazon Planner: $10.33. RATING: 1/5 STARS

  • big colorful pictures for each month.
  • big spaces to write out weekly plans.
  • not very customizeable
  • flimsy

Bullet Journal(no link because you can honestly use any notebook/journal/paper you have and make your own creation): price ranges on what you are looking for. I paid around $5 for my journal. RATING: 4/5 STARS

  • extremely customizeable
  • time consuming because you have to make your own layout if you purchase it that way.
  • can buy journals with pre-printed numbers, months, dates, and customize them to your liking.
  • not as fun and/or worth the price of the more expensive journals if you aren’t very creative or don’t have time to personalize them.


A5 Passion Planner (dated): On Sale for $14.99. Originally $29.99. RATING: 5/5 STARS

  • Big planner. Not really mobile.
  • Faux leather cover
  • elastic band
  • bookmark
  • Wonderful monthly layout
  • lots of space to write, doodle, make to do lists, have trackers, and more.
  • monthly reflections and weekly prompts and inspiration.


PlannerWars-The Best Is Yet To Come
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This weeks elimination goes by the layout of the entire planner. Who will make it to the next round and who will be eliminated?

Drum roll please.

See It Bigger Planner, I enjoyed your cover and I will always use it. You were one of my first planners and I did enjoy writing in you for the 2/3 weeks that you were available. However, I don’t think you’re right for this type of work and we just won’t get along. I’m sorry but you’re eliminated.


I’m sad to see SIB go (not really.) Next elimination will be based off the system of the planners: how and why they work.


Until next time.


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  1. Very awesome! I love planners too but I print mine off the internet 🙂 there are a lot of free sources and I’m a simple girl lol. Don’t need lots of fancy pages lol.

    1. I agree!! I’ve printed the Passion Planner out but I messed up the print job twice and wasted ink and paper so I gave up trying to do that lmao

  2. omg that looks so cool! just amazing)

    your blog is so stylish and inspiring! let’s be friends online?))

    1. Thank you! Of course we can be friends 🙂

      1. Cool! Following you here)

  3. The bullet journal is by far my favorite planner! <3

    1. I really do love the bullet journal. I just wish I had more time and creativity to actually personalize it to my liking!

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