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Planner Wars: Personalization

Welcome to round three of the Planner Wars! Last week dealt with the system of the planners. Baby Passion aka the compact 2016 classic planner, was eliminated for its tiny structure. Was it fair? What would you have eliminated? If you missed last weeks episode, check it out here, and read the first episode here.

This week we are discussing and looking at the personality of the remaining planners. There will be beautiful pictures and more in this post. Prepare yourself.

Going first again, is Bullet Journal aka BuJo. There are many many systems and ways of personalizing him. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.


Picture from Chic Studies
Picture from Christina77star



Picture from Page Flutter

As you can see, these ladies definitely have a style to their layouts, even though the system is the same! My personal favorite is probably Chic Studies…it’s very girly and very me. IMG_3855

This picture above is from my own BuJo. It’s very basic but it felt right for me and I loved that monthly layout. Under the black and white washi tape was room for notes and thoughts that didn’t have a specific date yet. I also made a little pocket for loose leaf papers and notes regarding that month!

Now up is the Passion Planner.

As known, the system of the Passion Planner is already pretty much designed for you. You can use stickers and washi tape to add some flare to your planner and there are some really awesome resources out there to do so.

This first link is to Aprons and Stilletos. Definitely check out her awesome videos to see how she uses the passion planner in her life and how she personalizes it. Sometimes all you need is a pretty color pen and your imagination!

My week in my passion planner is pretty basic yet still beautiful to me because I used one of my favorite colors, pink. I also added a little tracker for my jogs and squats for the week. and there is still so much space available! See why I love the big brother?



Last up is the Soar 2016 Planner.

Starting from the beginning of this competition, the Soar planner has known to be very basic and not very personal at all. Here are some pictures of my personalization in the Soar Planner. They aren’t the best but my favorite was the first week of July…that turned out pretty cute.


The Bujo is by far the best planner in this competition for personality. You can create whatever you want to and it will tailor to your needs specifically. The passion planner comes in close with a pre-made system that you can decorate and make your own. The soar planner comes in absolute last for the personality. Will this be the last we see of the Soar planner?

Who do you think should be eliminated?

Drum roll please…





Soar 2016. Though you’ve managed to stick with us through the first two rounds, this round just wasnt yours for the keeping. I’m sorry but you’re eliminated.


Next weeks round will be the final round for this seasons Planner Wars. It’ll be all about the aesthetic of the planners. Who will win the war and who will go home? Stay tuned for more.



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