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Planner Wars: The aesthetic

Welcome to the final battle of Planner Wars. The last three battles have been intense and very close. If you have missed any of them, you can check them out here:




This week is all about the aesthetic. We had to say goodbye to Soar 2016 planner last week. It just couldn’t show its personality enough for the judges to really give it a chance.

Keep reading to see who wins the Planner Wars and who could participate in next seasons Planner Wars!

This post will not have a lot of copy at all. It’s mostly beautiful pictures to take inspiration from. This challenge can go either way and we may even have a tie.

Bullet Journal has been a favorite among the population for many many reasons and for a good amount of time. Let’s look at some beautiful pictures featuring BuJo.

Source: You look so cooll


Source: Currently Reading



Source: Gentle & Ruthless


Source: Yes, I Study

There are so many gorgeous spreads! It was hard to just choose four pictures but I tried to get the best out of the best! I’m loving how each BuJo has it’s own personality and yet they are all for the same thing!



Source of all passion planner images: Passion Planner Blog


I don’t know about you but I am in love with the Passion Planner aesthetic. Yes, BuJo is amazing as well, inside and out but most of the time it’s the inside that counts! For Passion Planner, the outside looks just as good as the inside. That burgundy planner is honestly calling my name.


So who will win the wars? Since the start, BuJo has been at the top but only received praise for it’s heart, whereas the Passion Planner has been receiving praise for the entire package.

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Who do you think should win? Which planner do you have or are thinking of purchasing now that Planner wars has come to an end?

Click on the link below to be taken to the winner of Planner Wars.


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