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Fall Season Makeup

It’s Thursday and you know what that means! Another Beauties On Fire Collaboration! Since we started this collaboration weeks ago I have been waiting for this moment. If anybody knows me, they know I am a Fall Season lover. The cold weather, sweaters, pumpkins, orange, brown, yellow, scary movies, pumpkin spiced everything, ugh it all just makes me so happy. I really hope we get to do a Halloween look as well because I am SO excited for that.

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I had a video recorded for this look, not another time-lapse but an actual video and…I’m having technical difficulties with the video. I should’ve stuck to the time-lapse haha. The video will eventually be put up on my YouTube Channel so make sure you subscribe if you want to see how I did it!

All of the beauties in the collaboration have done such an amazing job with this theme and I am so proud of them all! Make sure you scroll down to the end and click on the Beauties On Fire Icon to be taken to Elisabeth’s Blog to see all the beauties post!

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So as I am still a beginner with the whole makeup application (I’m still learning how to properly contour and highlight my face) I wanted some inspiration for what a good fall look would consist of. I knew purple was the main color (and my favorite makeup color in all honesty) and there would be some browns as well but I couldn’t figure out on my own what went with what so I did what I do best and went straight to YouTube.

I found this video from LeeannJarell and knew immediately this is the look I wanted to create. It’s very Fall-ish, consists of purple, uses the Morphe palette(another reason I chose her video) and I felt the colors would look really good with my chocolate skin.

Here is the outcome:

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I felt it turned out pretty darn perfect. The blending was nice to me and the shadow turned out so well. I’m really happy with the look and I was right about the colors! They are gorgeous on my skin!! I mention this because I have to be careful with colors, most bright colors just don’t go with my chocolate-ness and I want to always look my best!

PRODUCTS USED (you can now shop my products! I will be paid a very tiny amount if you buy from the following links. )

For the specs, here is a picture of what shadows I used and in what order.


For the shadow:

  • I used my Master Conceal and applied a little to my eyelids with my finger.
  • Apply the “transparent” powder (number one from the palette)
  • Apply the transitioning shade all over the lid, mostly in the crease.
  • Rub the AVON Lipstick on your lid and inner corner (I used my finger to apply this)
  • Pat the third shadow (the purple color) over the lipstick.
  • Get a new brush, crease brush and apply the orange shadow in the crease. This is the time-consuming part. Blend the orange over the purple until you don’t have any harsh creases. Keep applying more of the orange as needed to get the full effect.
  • Take your brush you used for the transitioning shade and lightly blend everything once more.
  • Apply your brow color and voila!




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Thanks for reading!


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  1. Omgsh girl!!! This is hands down my favorite look you have ever created! You are so beautiful!! I LOVE fall and this look scream fall. I love the deep shades and the lip color!! Stunning!!! And girl those wings are everything!! Amazing!

    1. Lol! Thank you!!! I had a lot of fun creating this look and seeing it turn out right while creating it. I was cheering myself on lol!

  2. Ooo I really love this makeup look! Definitely suitable for fall! You look gorgeous hun! x

    1. Thank you!!

  3. This is such a gorgeous fall look! That lip color is SO pretty and matches your shirt perfectly! And I totally understand you with figuring out which purples and browns and maroons match each other!

    1. Thank you!!! Yes, I definitely need to do more research on color coordination for makeup! I tried this without a tutorial and it just didn’t work out lol I used all the wrong colors.

  4. How do u feel about the Maybelline contour stick? I was wanting to try it, but I am still on the fence about it. That Wet n’ Wild setting spray is my favorite of all time!! Love the eyeshadow! Lookin good!!

    1. I don’t really like the stick honestly. The conceal side is pretty good, but the contour doesn’t even show up, it’s not a good shade for me at all. I would try a darker shade and that might give me a better feeling about the duo but right now it’s not something I recommend :/ The wet n wild setting spray is my favorite! I need to get more too lol I’m running out! Thank you for reading!!!!

  5. That eyeshadow is bomb! ? this look is drop dead gorgeous on you!

    1. Thank you!!!

  6. u look absolutely gorgeous. love this look!

    1. Thank you darling!

  7. Beautiful look girl!!! I love deep red and I totally fell in love with this look

    1. Deep reds are amazing! 🙂

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