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The Wiz: Clyde the Scarecrow #HalloweenOutfit

Hello babies! I know I was absent for like an entire week and I truly apologize. I was sick and literally could barely get out of the bed but I am now better and back to business! I missed you all so much!!!!

Since Halloween is coming up I wanted to create a post about that. What are you going to be for Halloween? What are your plans?

I wanted to go to a Halloween party because I’ve never been but it looks like that’ll be postponed another year because I haven’t even found a party I want to attend!

This year for Halloween I really wanted to be Clyde The Scarecrow from The Wiz (because he’s my favorite) but I couldn’t find/make all the necessities I needed in time to really pull it off. However! I used Polyvore to create two looks for you all! One is very 70’s era to me (even though the movie was filmed and released in the late 70s) and one updated glam look! I had a lot of fun creating these looks!

If you like my additions of the Polyvore outfits, please let me know as I am considering implementing this as a feature for Fashion posts (until I can afford my actual style)!

The outfit:

picture from Google.


I’m sure you can tell which outfit is 70s and which is updated and modern (at least I hope you can!). I would absolutely rock both these outfits, and not just for Halloween but for a fall outfit too! Don’t forget to let me know if you like this little feature so I can implement it in fashion posts!

The Makeup:

Clyde doesn’t have much of anything on his face, barely any eyebrows! For the sake of this post, however, and for the sake of being a glamorous scarecrow, I actually did a full face. As you can see in the pictures, I didn’t have a sweater/top that would’ve looked good with this look so I went with white.

I kept my eyes brown and neutral (in the video I’ll be uploading, I actually went too far and had to remove a lot of the transition color!). I used three different brown shadows to give some glam and depth and I honestly think it turned out really well! I’m so in love with this look and very proud of myself for completing this without help or a tutorial!

For the Reese’s nose, I tried sticking a Reese’s cup plastic and it just didn’t work out, so I colored my nose brown. I think it looks cute.

Clydes lips are pretty pink so I went for a light pink lip as well and outlined it with a brown pencil just because I think bright pink on me needs some dark contrast. I finished off the look with KISS eyelashes and some gold hoop earrings! Job well done? I think so! img_3930img_3932img_3933

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Never forget that even when the road is long and broken, you can always find your way to your destination!


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Thanks for reading!!


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