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My Favorite Workouts #CGGS

Hello loves! With Thanksgiving and seasonal holidays coming up, it’s important to stay on track with eating right and working out. I know I have to make staying healthy a priority especially around this time with all the good foods that will be made and prepared.

As you know, I struggle with keeping weight off. This year I am making plans to stay fit, stay energized, and not neglect myself of the goodies and treats coming around. So I gathered my favorite workouts that I do and wanted to share them with you! They range from Yoga, toning, cardio, and total body and from 8 minutes to 45 minutes so you can get ANY of these workouts done in your busy busy days!


Now before I really get into this I admit I don’t like working out. I love feeling healthier so I don’t hate working out, but I also don’t like it. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit (aka I’m used to not working out).

What I love most about these workouts is that I can do them all. I have done them all. Some are really hard for me. Some I have to take breaks in-between the session, but I can still do them all and my activity level is LOW. So I know you all can do it too! My list below will progress from easiest to hardest. You will be panting and sweating after some of these but it’s all for your health so it’s worth it (that’s what I have to tell myself)!


20 Minute Complete Beginners Yoga

35 Minute Deep Stretch with Yogi Nora

Butt Workout

8 Minute Butt and Thigh workout 

30 Day Butt Lift


Low Impact 25 Minute Cardio

25 Minute Kickboxing Workout

Total Body

35 minute Total Body workout with Bipash Basu

35 Minute Full Body & Fat Burning workout



I know this post is short but I’m not feeling good at the moment but I still wanted to get you guys something for today!!

Thank you for reading,


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  1. This is a great collection of workouts. I especially like the inclusion of a beginner’s yoga, something I’ve been meaning to try to relax, strengthen and stretch at the same time. Thanks for compiling these suggestions.

    1. I love the beginners yoga! It never fails to help me relax. You’re welcome, thanks for reading! 🙂

  2. Girllllllll! Great post!
    Omg I Have to start again with my work out routine!
    ThnQ For This Post!
    It was fun to read about you’re favorite workouts.

    Hugz, Miss B.?

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