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Blog Stats and goals surpassed.

Hello and thank you for checking this out!

This week is extremely busy with life and family so I apologize that this post will be very short. I just want to give an update on a goal that I have finally passed with my blog!

Since June of this year (2016), I have had a goal of passing my highest monthly views, which in June was 506.

I am proud to say that I finally passed it this month with currently 547 total monthly views!!! That’s a lot for me considering I started out last year with about 23 views. How time flies!!


To give a complete comparison of my stats from June to now, November.

Monthly views in June were 506, my current monthly view is 547.

Total Monthly visitors (not unique visitors, yet!) in June were 261, my current monthly visitor count is 296.

Total monthly likes in June were 168, my current monthly likes are 196.

Total comments in June were 63, current total comments for November, 84!

I know there are blogs out there that get my monthly stats within an hour but this is a victory and small success for me! I am going to celebrate with catching up on my favorite shows (Agents of Shield and Games of Thrones), and have sweet potato tacos (don’t knock em, till you try em).


I hope all of you have surpassed at least one goal this year that helped make you feel accomplished and successful! If you haven’t, check out what you have accomplished, maybe the accomplishments are small, but small ones need to be celebrated too!!


Thanks for reading and thank YOU for helping me succeed.



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  1. Omgsh girl I am so proud of you!!!! That is fantastic!!! I know you will totally surpass your next goal too!!!

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