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L’Oreal EVER Pure Moisture Color Care System Review

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

*Official Information on L’Oreal Ever Pure*
A moisturizing formula, with rosemary flower botanicals, that quenches dryness. Keeps color pure for up to 4 weeks.
• Nourish
• Hydrate
• Sooth
• Repair
• Density
• Smooth
• Texture
• Strength
• Softness
• Shine
100% sulfate-free, 100% paraben-free, 100% free of harsh salts, and 100% dye free.
Now let’s get into this review.

First, because I am a black woman with natural hair, I was skeptical of using this (not to say that I wasn’t excited either, because I was super excited to use this). I have used many products on my hair and the only brand and specific product that truly works with my hair is Pantene for Natural Hair (the brown bottle for black women) and Cantu coconut curling cream.

I thought this would be fun to try anyways since it was a free full size sample from Influenster and why not? It won’t hurt.

I just need say that I LOVE the brand look, the pearlescent purple and the pink top are very much my style. It looks very high class and just…lovely!! Upon opening the shampoo, I took a sniff, because I do that with anything that has a scent to it, let me tell you that this smells so damn good. It’s fragrant with a soft scent. Not flowery, in my opinion. It’s been about two days since I washed my hair and I can still smell the products scent and I love it. Compared to my Pantene collection, I can’t smell it after rinsing it out in all honesty, I have to put my hair to my nose to smell it. In a way, I like that the Pantene fragrance works like that, it’s subtle but still there, however, I also like to be aware that my hair smells good and the EverPure system gives me that comfort.
I didn’t use any of my other products with this because I wanted to give it a fair chance. I have a dry scalp and after using this shampoo and conditioner, I noticed I didn’t have as much dandruff as I usually do after washing my hair, however, my hair was a bit dry even after using the conditioner. While I was applying the conditioner, my hair felt smooth and rich.

I towel dried my hair and applied the elixir to my hair. Again, it didn’t give me an extremely healthy and soft feel as I usually get with my LOC (liquid, oil, cream) products that I use after washing, but I twisted my hair with the elixir and the curls are holding up well. I also don’t have nearly as much frizz as I usually get.

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I still haven’t used any other products on my hair and I don’t plan too. Touching my twists now, I can feel that they are quite soft and of course, my hair smells good. One thing I did noticed before applying the everpure elixir and twisting my hair was that my hair looks so vibrant. It has a beautiful shine to it and thought it was dry, it didn’t look dry. It looked so healthy.
I have removed my twists and my curls were bouncy, had a beautiful shine to them and my hair still smelled great. However, I noticed that my hair was still dry and a little crunchy. I’m not a fan of crunchy hair so that’s a downer for me. However, I’m in love with the scent so for that alone, I’d buy this on my own.

I am excited for next weeks wash day, as I will be using EverPure system along with my current LOC method to see how that works out.

Would I buy this product? Yes.
Is it worth the $5.99 price? Yes
If you have the chance, I absolutely recommend trying this product. However, I will not be using it alone anymore, it leaves my hair too dry. That is the only con about this.


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