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2016 Favorites #BeautiesOnFire

My first official Beauties On Fire themed post after the launch and it’s about 2016 favorites! 2016 for me was a year of huge growth and finding myself. I have a lot of progress personally and mentally, even emotionally. But 2016 was also a very stressful year for the world in general. Are you glad 2016 is ending? I am, though I am still thankful of this year too!

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Even though this post is a beauty post, I am going include a few favorites that aren’t beauty related! Let’s get in to it!

Beauty Favorites

  • Wet’n’wild 1 step gel 724A Crime of Passion
  • L.A. Colors 424
  • Wet’n’wild 536A Dark Wine
  • NYC 316 Blossom
  • KleanColor Madly Matte Lipstick 6 Raven
  • Maybelline Master Prime
  • Ambi Fade Cream for normal skin
  • Carmex

Why I love these products:

The colors of the lipsticks give me life. Plain and simple.  I’m so used to wearing a lighter to clear shade of lipstick because that’s all I’ve ever done before I got into makeup. The NYC Blossom is perfect for that reason. The dark shades, once I got into makeup, I realized I love dark lips. Purples and reds to be exact. The Wet’n’Wild dark wine shade is the most beautiful easy to wear color for my skin and I never worry that it’s too dark, too bright, or doesn’t go with my look. The KleanColor black lip is my go-to for when I am feeling like a bad ass boss.

This primer from Maybelline has become my favorite for many reasons. I don’t need a whole lot of it per use, so it lasts a really long time. I love the ‘shade of glow’ it gives me once I put it on. It’s meant to blur and illuminate and for me, that’s exactly what it does!

I also have included my fade cream because my face this year has gone through a lot. I tried many different makeups, a few different foundations, blushes, and the likes. My skin broke out really bad earlier this year and gave me the worse case of acne that unfortunately turned into black spots. Here are pictures to give you an example, I only have pictures of the dark spots on my chin, I guess I deleted the ones of my entire breakout, but this gives you a sense of what I was/am dealing with (I have no idea why the pictures are sideways, I apologize for that)!

Before the breakout
During the use of Ambi
Most recent pic, taken Dec 29, 2016


As you can see, my dark spots got pretty bad. The spots under my jawline disappeared completely and I am so grateful! I applied the Ambi cream under my jawline and neck twice daily but for whatever reason, I neglected my chin most of the times. Now I’m getting back into the swing of applying it twice daily and as you can see, the spots are getting much more lighter! I can’t wait until they go away forever. Bye bye dark spots!

If you have dark spots like me and have trouble getting rid of them, I highly recommend trying Ambi Skincare!

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General 2016 Favorites

  • Passion Planner
  • Watches (plus my favorite bands)
  • Pilot g2 pens
  • Papermate InkJoy pens
  • Stabilo pens
  • Fox purse charm
  • Bebe Backpack.

Why I love these:

I doubt you know this, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I have a love for watches only as accessories. I am starting to read the time with them because they’re there, but I buy them and wear them because they are cute and make great accents to my outfits! So I have a small collection of watches and the ones captured are my favorites. The gold time piece next to the cat watch, and the rose gold time piece are interchangeable with different bands, which I absolutely love. If you take any tips from me according to style, take this one with you. Watches are a great accessory!

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If you haven’t checked my Planner Wars category, do that now so you understand why I love my passion planner so much. I now have a Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas and I’m already in love with that. I still have many other planners I want to try out next year. Another season of planner wars? You bet!

My pens are my babies. I’m not very artistic yet but I love writing with a physical pen and paper and I need beautiful pens for my beautiful planners. The Pilot g-2, Papermate, and stabilo pens have become my muse. They write so freaking well.

My fox charm is a cutie I found at my local walmart for about $5. I named him Fred(you wouldn’t understand the reason behind his name so I’m not even going to explain it).

My current purse that I take everywhere. My Bebe backpack. I was blessed the day I walked into TJ Maxx and this was the first thing I saw. It was on sale for $35. The original price? $98. You bet your bottom dollar I didn’t let go of that. It was the last one too! I’ve only had it for about two months now but I promise this baby is holding up so perfect. It works like new, smells new, and looks new. It has been through a few rough patches since I’ve had it too! I do not at all regret this purchase.

So beautiful.

Whew! We’re done with the post!

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What are your 2016 favorites? Do you agree with any of my favorites?

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  1. I this… LA Colors is the best nail polish, I change my nail polish so often I can’t afford to pay more then a dollar a bottle…lol. Master prime primer is great too.



    1. Honestly lol I have too many nail polishes. The most I’ve paid is $5.99 for a gel polish(doesn’t really last long) so I totally get you lol

  2. So awesome! I love the backpack and the watches 🙂
    Great beauty picks! 🙂

    1. Thank you!!

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