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My hair care routine #NaturalHairCare

I have been a natural for 3 years now and my hair has grown, though not fast, and has become more healthy so I think it’s time I share my hair care routine for those who are curious.

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I have yet to chop all my hair off and start from scratch for fear that I won’t be happy with the short hair. My head is way too round and big for that. I do, however cut my ends from time to time. I need to cut them much more often than I do but I love the length I have. You know what, I’ll give them a trim this Friday. You have my word.

My hair care system is quite simple. Having too many products in my hair weighs it down considerably, and a lot of products just don’t do anything for my hair. So I’m cautious of what I buy and use.

Shampoo & Conditioner

The only thing that has changed recently (within the last 4 months recent) have been my shampoo & conditioner system and LOC method. I swear by Pantene for natural hair. I thought it was the only shampoo and conditioner to give me soft, clean, beautiful and bouncy hair. Since my free sample of L’Oreal EverPure hair system from Influenster came three weeks ago, that’s what I’ve been using and I still love it. I’ll be buying more soon. The smell is still my favorite part, however, I have noticed the shine in my hair has been much more vibrant.

The first week I used this, I wanted to see it work by itself so I didn’t use any of my previous or current products with this. You can read more about that in my Review on L’Oreal EverPure.

The second week I followed through with my normal hair care products and my hair was so much more soft! This is week three, using the EverPure system and I’m still loving the results.

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Deep Conditioner

I have purchased a few extra products to try out with my hair. The Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment, and two deep conditioners also by HASK.

I bought all three HASK products from my local Smith’s store for $1 each.

All three products smell really good and I love how rich they all feel. The Deep conditioners did lessen the amount of frizz that I usually have, though it could also be the EverPure system I’m using, and helped my hair feel less tangled after a wash. I am happy to say that the Keratin Protein deep conditioner’s first ingredient is water and for a natural girl, that is important.

I havent had any extra breakage or fall out by using any of these new products so I’m going to more than likely stick with them.

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LOC Method

Liquid, oil, cream.

Directly after washing my hair I towel dry the excess water out, then while still wet I spray Creme Of Nature Argan Oil strength & shine leave in conditioner all over my hair. This helps to keep my hair from getting too tangled and dried out. I then apply a quarter size amount of the HASK Argan Oil healing shine hair treatment(before I started using this, I used OGX Argan Oil of Morocco for dry & coarse hair, about $5 at Wal-mart). I comb my hair out with a wide tooth comb before letting it air dry.

Once it’s dried, I reapply just a little of the leave in conditioner and argan oil to small sections of my hair, followed by the Shea Moisture hold & shine moisture mist and Shea Moisture curl & style milk, in that exact order. I then style my hair with twists or braids. If I’m going to straighten my hair for the week, I completely omit the Shea Moisture collection so that my hair won’t be weighed down from all the rich products.

Every two or three days, depending on how my hair was treated, I reapply the LOC method on small sections of my hair and restyle or give it a new style.

I do wash my hair every Saturday, so keep in mind my routine is only 2-3 times a week.

Alright, pretty lengthy but full of great information! If you enjoyed this post feel free to share it!

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