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Siteground Hosting #BloggerTips

If you have a blog or want to start a blog there is probably one aspect of blogging that you know will come eventually. Self-Hosting. If you plan to have your blog receive a lot of traffic, you want a really beautiful website, and you eventually want it to make income(passive or main), you know that you’re going to have to become self hosted. There are so many hosting websites in the world of blogging that it’s ridiculous and quite overwhelming. I have tried GoDaddy, Hostgator, and Siteground for hosting a blog/website of mine. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting with your purchase, what’s necessary, what can wait, and what features and services you get when purchasing hosting for your blog and website. It’s not cheap by any means so I’m going to help you and give you my personal opinions and experiences with the above hosting providers.

This post contains affiliate links. This simply means, if you make a purchase using the links I provide, I will get paid from the transaction. This comes at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting L.I.C.!

GoDaddy Hosting

When I first started my website, for my bakery, I was with GoDaddy. I bought my domain from them and had a hosting plan as well. This was a few years ago so I don’t remember exactly the details of my experience with them. It was pleasant, but not enough to keep me with them. Usually, I buy all domains from them as they are the cheapest, but I have recently bought another domain with SiteGround, it was definitely more expensive but I really like Siteground so I made the purchase with them.

GoDaddy’s most expensive wordpress hosting plan for $13.99(while on sale, $25 per month when you renew) per month includes

  • 5 websites
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • 800,000 monthly visitors 
  • SSH/SFTP access
  • Free domain with annual plan
  • One-click staging site
  •  1 SSL certificate – 1 year free ($69.99 renewal annually)


I had a horrible experience with HostGator. I have tried them for many years while working a fan forum with a friend of mine, and tried them for Laqing In Creativity just last year. Every experience I had was not up to par and left me leaving them quickly. Why did I keep going back to them? I wasn’t educated on other hosting sites and had no idea what I was doing. Plan and simple. 

Their most expensive plan at $9.95 (renews at $23 per month) per month includes

  • 3 websites at maximum
  • 500,000 monthly visitors
  • 3x power
  • Unlimited storage
  • 3 site migrations, if needed
  • Global CDN
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • $100 in Google Adwords Credits
  • Shared SSL certificates

When I had them for L.I.C., I was promised a 30 day money back guarantee, free website transfer, and more. The transfer didn’t go as planned, I can’t remember whether or not it was still free but I know it gave me many problems, too many problems. Within a week I was asking for my refund because I was not happy with their service at all. The customer service was okay, they weren’t rude and they did try to help me with my problems, but there were a lot of misunderstandings. I got my money back for the web hosting, after a few days of fussing with them. I did not get back my money for my domain because “they don’t do refunds on domains”. I was upset, but then again, I didn’t fight it because I finally had my domain name, and I could easily transfer it to a new service. Plus, it was only $8 and some change. I have not looked back since then and I don’t plan on ever going back to HG.


I am currently with SiteGround and I am very happy with their service. I joined them in November of 2016 and haven’t had one regret. I have ran into a few problems and questions already and they have helped with everything. I know it seems like I am praising them but they are really good with what they do. The customer service is amazing! 

The most expensive plan they have is $14.95 (renews at $30 per month) per month and includes

I have the Grow Big Plan which is $7.95 (renews at $15) per month and includes

Since I am still new and don’t have many monthly visitors yet, I’m happy with this plan. I was able to get 3 other services for free just for being a member, including a year SSL certificate. I mentioned earlier that I bought a new domain with SiteGround, the domain itself was about $14 but I also bought WhoIs protection which brought my total to around $26. This is a for a year of service. The website (wordpress org hosting) completely free. While SiteGround doesn’t come with credit vouchers for advertisements, I still highly recommend them for their customer service and unlimited websites for one price! All the features in your plan do protect all of your websites as well.

To break it down into simpler terms.

If you’re looking for a plan that offers a lot of space and only have one or a few websites, GoDaddy is your best bet.

If you’re looking for credit vouchers to promote your website and the best price, HostGator is your option. I’m not going to tell you to not try them. You may have a very different experience than what I had and you may love them.

If you want great customer service, have more than 5 websites in mind, and just want a great experience overall, go with SiteGround. 

Of course, there are so many other hosting sites out there, these are just from my experiences. Do some research and go with your gut.


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