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#ShaiTakesOn…Possible Addition to the blog!

Hello darlings!

TGIF! My week is not nearly over, I have a 3 page paper due Sunday night and I have to schedule my blog posts for the coming week! It’s raining right now, however, so that’s bringing me happiness. Am I the only one that LOVES the rain? Dreary days makes me very happy, but I am also a very bubbly happy person. Oops, going off topic here. 

I want to bring the best quality content to you, with lots of great pictures, features, and information. So I’m implementing a new addition to Laqing In Creativity. Food Journeys. It will be called “Shai Takes On {insert restaurant/food name}.” The category will be under Food, the tag will be under #ShaiTakesOn. I’m telling you this now for future references 🙂

I plan to have two monthly food posts relating to eating out. To give you a glimpse of what Las Vegas offers. I decided on this because 1), I love food, 2), Vegas has a lot of food places out here, and 3), I need to get out and experience my city more.

I’m telling you this now, throughout this journey, the restaurants will NOT be the most expensive places. I never cared for those types of restaurants. There may be some mid-high places though (I’m talking like $20 for one person, other than the buffets). Some places might even be fast food joints. We have some unique places out here. 

This gives me a chance to sharpen my photography skills, my reviews, and expressing my thoughts, which means better content for you all. I may even include vlogs every now and then!

Every two weeks I will visit a new restaurant/food joint out here, take pictures, hopefully get some background info from the owners(or by googling, because you know, major introvert working this blog here), and describe the atmosphere, the food, the quality, and the experience. Hopefully when you read these post, you’ll feel like you’re there with me. 

I am super excited for this and I hope you get excited too!

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  1. I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award: https://ellamaygarrett.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/tag-blogger-recognition-award/

    1. Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much, sweetheart!! ❤️

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