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2017 Makeup Trend Predictions #BeautiesOnFire

It’s baaaaaaack!

Beauties On Fire group is changing the post days! We will now be posting on the last Thursday of every month. This gives all the beauties in the group more time to plan and still take care of other blog business and life. I think you’ll love the new schedule as well.

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As you can tell from the title, this months theme is 2017 Makeup Trend Predictions. Now this one is a bit challenging for me. I’ve had all month to prepare this and left it until the week it was due for posting (very bad habits, don’t follow me). Why? Because I’m horrible at trends and I don’t like trends. Therefore, I’m going to search and find trends for this year, while also giving what trends I’m looking for.

Trends according to The Zoe Report

  • Baby Lips
    • Yep. Those adorable pink little baby lips are a trend this year. Keep them soft and moist with your favorite chapstick! Carmex is my forever go-to.
  • Graphic Liner
    • I don’t really know how I feel about this. Do I like it? Not really. Does it make a statement and will I eventually use it this year? Probably.
  • Statement Brows!
    • I love this trend because for me, it’s basically keeping my natural brows in check. I do my own eyebrows anyway but with this trend, I don’t have to worry about them every month and can let them grow out! I just wish this trend was “Natural Brows” instead of “Statement Brows” for people who don’t have naturally thick eyebrows. It would be a lot easier for them!
  • Racoon eyes
    • Okay, I have to be honest and admit that I never liked this look. Ever. People can do what they want and will continue because they should, if it makes them happy, but goodness gracious I despise this trend. Unless you’re going for a high class fashion show, a Halloween party, or any other party that deserves such…dramatic eyes, why would this be a thing? I just don’t get it.
  • Saturated lips
    • Love love love this one!!! You all know I’m a sucker for deep colored lips and “pop of color” lips and this trend gives me hope that it’ll never end. I have my darks, I even have a few reds finally, now I just need to start feeling more comfortable with the bright lips!
  • Rainbow Lids
    • Eh. I like it, it’s cute, but I also think this trend will be over and done with very quickly. It’s great for makeup beginners since you technically need only one color according to the pictures (make sure to click the link above to see the slides).

Trends I hope to see/come back 

  • Natural look
    • Natural beauty is the best beauty. Once you accept that in your heart, you will know peace. (“You will know peace” Quote from Loki in Marvel’s The Avengers. major #NerdMoment)
  • Highlighter- toned down
    • I love to sparkle and shine so I’m all for having a great highlighter, but! I would like for the new trend to be toned down. 
  • Contour
    • This isn’t technically a trend I want to see/come back. It’s more of a “wow your contour is great but it also looks exactly like this other beauties contour and her contour looks exactly like another beauties contour and you’re all really great but you all look so different without makeup but with makeup you’re all one person????” 
    • Yeah. 


What trends do you want to see this year? Any old trends you miss? What about new trends? 

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  1. I have fallen in love with a more natural look. I also like the idea of less intense highlight, or matte highlighters. something just to brighten up your face.

  2. Love this post girl!! I totally agree with the trends! I love Carmex too!!!

    I really like graphic eyeliner, statement brows, saturated lips, and rainbow lids. I am not a fan of raccoon eyes though haha! Maybe it will grow on me!

    I totally love highlighter and a natural look too!!

    1. haha, i never understood why racoon eyes were let out of a high fashion show. it needs to stay there!

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