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Upgrade your desk. How to get the Blogger’s aesthetic for under $10

Over the past two weeks I have been looking around for a new desk. There were two things I was looking for, space and aesthetic. Since my budget is small, my options have been extremely limited. I was able to find a solution to my problem with something I already had available. In this post, I’m going to explain how you can upgrade your desk for less than $10.

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All you need is your current desk (or an old desk/table), scissors, tape (optional), and this marble sticky paper

Upgrade your desk after picture
Upgrade your desk for under $10


The Marble.

You see it on almost every blogger’s page or profile, in their pictures and so on. It’s beautiful so why not have it? Especially in your pictures. I personally love seeing marble backdrops or surfaces. You can get a roll of sticky paper here.

Then there’s the surface. It can be a wood crate, a plate, a desk, a table, rug, floor, wall…us bloggers know how to take advantage of it all. When you’re in a small space or have a small budget, like myself, you need to make use of what you have. Now, with this post, you too can upgrade your desk to a blogger’s aesthetic.

I’ve had my desk for over 5 years now, maybe even longer. It’s old, ugly, has scratches, and just was not a good photo-op space. 

Before picture
Before upgrading my desk

Last month I purchased a roll of marble sticky paper from Amazon and I already know I’m going to end up buying more. I used it on my small IKEA table (that was only about $7) and I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures on it since. The table itself is an off white color so without the marble it was still pretty, however, I needed some texture to my pictures, since I didn’t have a lot of space, I couldn’t use a lot of extra accessories in the pictures, I tried using a backdrop and that isn’t always successful. So I went with the marble. 

The Desk

As you can see in the above picture, my desk was messy, old, had scratches and marks all over it, and even a clothes sticker that I refused to tear off because trust me, it looked better with the sticker on. I cleaned my desk off many times before and still had limited space. I didn’t know what to do about that! My desk isn’t huge but it’s not as small as it looks either. Yet, I never could find ample space to take pictures or to comfortably write and do my homework. Not to mention I hated working on my desk because it was just bland.

So I went ahead and decided to use the rest of the marble sticky paper that I had to give myself a desk that I’m happy to keep for a few more years(even though the look is used up, the structure and bones of this baby still stands well). I removed all of my clutter, cleaned off my desk with some water and a towel. Dried it completely. Then I measured out the marble paper and applied it. All I used was some scissors to cut the paper (I still have quite a bit left!). In the next picture, you might see the long-sided edge of my desk and notice the marble paper kinda clumpy. That’s because the legs of my desk and the wood on the edge wouldn’t allow the marble to stick correctly. So I had to tape it down with clear duct tape. 

After the upgrade
My desk “bloggified”

A clean, aesthetically pleasing space.

I put back a lot of what was on my desk, put away things that I don’t use everyday, and rearranged a few things. Now my desk is pleasing to the eye, much more spacious, I can write on it comfortably without moving my pen cases, and I am overall happy with it again. One thing I do want to mention is the black space toward the end of the desk. The marble paper was smaller on the width than my desk so I had to make a choice. I could have covered the black space with marble paper as well but I actually think it’s pretty neat. To me, it gives my desk some depth.

To recap: How To Upgrade Your Desk for less than $10.

Things you need to upgrade your desk:

  • A desk or table (whatever you currently are using)
  • This marble sticky paper
  • Scissors
  • and maybe some clear duct tape.

Now you have all you need to upgrade your desk and get a piece of the blogger’s aesthetic. 



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  1. I love your new marble desk it’s really pretty and organized! I also love your new blog look Shai, it looks really amazing!! ??❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much!!! Knowing that you noticed and love LIC’s new look really made my day! <3

  2. This is great! I’m always envious of bloggers’ beautiful and perfect desks.

    1. Well now you can have the bloggers desk too! ? thanks for commenting!

  3. This is great! I love how your desk turned out. I’m actually planning to get that one too since I see it a lot on instagram. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’d love to see it when it’s done if you get to it! Tag me on IG @ officialbrieee 🙂 Thanks for reading! <3

  4. I love a clean work space, helps me feel so productive. It’s great that you didn’t have to spend a great deal of money and still got what you wanted. Looks fab!

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