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The Prettiest Phone Cases That Gives Back: Because Of a Case BCC

Because of a Case BCC Mission

Because of a case started with a goal for helping everyone find their happy case. In more detail, the founders of BCC wanted to help people like themselves who battled with anxiety by providing a colorful, trendy, and fun phone case to keep your mood heightened throughout the day. The first charity they donated to was in support of people suffering from mental health (which makes total sense, because not only do a lot of people suffer from that, the founders did as well). After a while, their customers began mentioning other causes and BCC jumped on the opportunity to select more charities. How awesome is that?

Because of a Case BCC_LIC
Because of a Case


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Current charities BCC donates to

Minding your mind

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Charity: Water


Kind Campaign

Operation Warm

BCC Review + Code for 20% off

Because of a Case BCC package branding
The Carrier Case, the phone case, the note. #Cute

On January 31st, I purchased this adorable elephant case from BCC and I have NO regrets with my purchase! It shipped the same day (a few hours later) and arrived February 3rd. Quick service!

I did make a mistake on my part and I spoke about it on Twitter, BCC reached out to me and helped me correct my mistake! So yes, they are super nice and friendly! Thanks Jamie!

As you can see in my picture, the case looks exactly like it does on computer and that’s a great feature. I’ve purchased one case, a different brand, from Amazon for my brother and the case didn’t come exactly like the picture provided so I was thankful BCC, does NOT make that mistake.

Another thing I want to mention is the feel of the case. When I first opened it, it did feel quite weak and flimsy. However, after putting it on my phone, it’s as sturdy as can be and is quite a challenge to take off! (which I personally like). You have to start from the mid-section on the side of the phone/case, then slide up the case while pushing it back…well, at least that’s how I was able to get it off. Took less than 10 seconds once I figured it out. It is easy to put on though.

#ACaseWithACause Beautiful phone cases with beautiful support! Get 20% off your order using code: BriannaWatson20 http://bit.ly/2kQyQxA Click To Tweet

The case isn’t bulky or irritating on the hands during the day. Being a blogger (or anyone with a phone nowadays), you always have your phone on hand or literally in your hand so you need a comfy case that won’t cramp or hurt your hand. My last case that I got from Wal-Mart did exactly that but it was the only case I had for my iPhone and it was sturdy.

If I have convinced you to get a case, you can do that here > Because of a Case < and because you’re my readers, you can use my personal code: BriannaWatson20 to get 20% off your order!

Extra Info

I want to mention that the elephant case supports Wildlife Conversation Network, who has partnership with Save the Elephants. I am in love with elephants and I want to help them out as much as possible. That’s 67% why I bought the case, to be blunt. The quality and style is an added bonus

I love this brand so much I just purchased the Pink Marble case… #TakeMyMoney

If you aren’t convinced yet, here’s a screenshot of some of the cases they currently have.

Because of a Case BCC screenshot
Screen shot taken by me from BCC website

Don’t forget to use my code BriannaWatson20 to get 20% off your order.

Do you have a favorite case you’re looking at? Leave comments of your favorites below!

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  1. Beautiful cases! Gonna take a peep on their website. Xo

    1. Aren’t they? I really adore the cases. I can’t wait for my pink marble to come in the mail! Thanks for reading <3

  2. This something new I heard about the brand who sells cases do the charity as well. Thanks for sharing this info. I would love to buy case from the BCC for my iPhone 7, so that some amount of my purchase may be go into charity.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the information! They have really cute cases and a good amount of charities so I think you’ll definitely find something you like! They even have other phone accessories you can look at if you don’t find a case you fall in love with. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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