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Email App by EasilyDo Mail: The App to Finally Clean Your Cluttered Inbox.

Most everyone with an email has had a cluttered mess with hundreds, if not thousands of emails that they were constantly putting off to avoid the hassle of unsubscribing from each newsletter. The developers at EasilyDo have created an email app that makes unsubscribing and managing your inbox so easy you can do it with the tap of a finger (quite literally!).

Email Screenshot from EasilyDoMail
They really outdid themselves with this app. Screenshot taken from EasilyDoMail.com

*This post does not contain any affiliate links and is not sponsored or affiliated with EasilyDo Mail and it’s affiliates. These opinions are of my own and I am reviewing this app to share with you.

What it does for your email:

  • Creates one app for ALL your email. Outlook? Yahoo? iCloud? Gmail? Work Email? Something else? You can set it all up with this app.
  • Allows you to view your mail from all inboxes in one stream or by themselves.
  • Give you literally a one-tap unsubscribe option 
  • Customizable Swipe actions
  • Tracks your packages
  • Organizes your bills and receipts (also a wonderful feature).
  • Organizes your travel itinerary
  • Gives real time updates on packages, bills, and travel info.


Email App Menu
Yes…that number is legit.

 This is the Menu after you create your emails. I didn’t need any technical info to input, just my email and password. All my emails in both inboxes loaded in about 2 minutes if not less. In your assistant, you can see your subscriptions, travel, packages, bills, and entertainment options.


Email Subscriptions
Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters with one tap

What I love about this is it helped me get rid of over 30-50(really rough figure, it could have easily been a hundred newsletters to be honest) newsletters and spam within about 2 minutes. See that little shopping bag-looking icon with the “x”? Just tap on that and you’re unsubscribed. Don’t worry about going to the websites and manually unsubscribing(unless the website calls for that, which only one of mine did). The star above the unsubscribe button is to mark your favorite subscriptions.

Now there is a downside to this…it’s not really the Email apps fault though. If you’re subscribed to a website or newsletter that doesn’t have an unsubscribe feature…well, you’re pretty much out of luck. I have about four subscriptions that are like that and unfortunately the app can do nothing about that because it’s so hard to find or simply not available. 

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Bills & Receipts

Email Bills and Receipts
See your order details right from the app

I really love this feature in the Email App. As you can see in my screenshot from my phone, any orders I made through that email is neatly organized by date of purchase. Your order amount, purchase place and date is conveniently displayed just by tapping on the Bills & Receipts tab.


Email Packages_LIC
Now you don’t have to remember your tracking numbers! Definitely a favorite feature

My next favorite feature of the app. Packages. From the Packages tab on the menu, just tap on the order(that needs to be shipped to you, of course) and you will be taken to a screen similar to mine. You can easily see where the package is from, what carrier it’s on, your tracking number (if one is available), what the actual package is and your accompanying email if you want to check out the details. It tracked my Etsy order from the time it was placed, until it arrived. And it gave me real-time updates on my package as well. 

Get the App

iOS | Android (still in the Beta version for Android)

The Email app is completely free to use. Make sure to download this if you need to clean out your emails! 

Need to clean out your email and unsubscribe from spam and unwanted junk? Try this app!
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