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Makeup Favorites | A Year of Practicing Resulted In This

Happy Monday!

It’s been a full year and some weeks since I began using makeup. Looking at my old makeup pictures…I’m embarrassed that I even thought they were goodat the time of sharing them of course. I always knew my makeup skills weren’t perfect during the beginning but wow I’ve really come a long way. 

During school years, I never meddled with makeup in a serious tone. I had a clear face, was battling with insecurities…I didn’t want to add makeup to that and become dependent on having a full face done or take the risk of getting acne. So I waited literally until Dec 31, 2015 to step out of my comfort zonereally get into makeup. I knew for my blog, I wanted to do beauty posts at some point so that became my reason for learning the art of makeup.  

I’m still learning a lot about makeup so I’m not claiming to be a professional by any means. Now that that’s out of the way. 

My favorite makeup looks so far.

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Dark Winter Queen Makeup
Dark Winter Queen for Beauties On Fire

I remember stressing when creating this look for Beauties On Fire Nature theme because I did it so many times and it was never what I had in my mind. This result was pretty darn good though and thanks to SnapChat filters the final result was appreciated. I really love the eyes mostly…and the contour. I think that’s my best contour to date haha.

Black Cherry Makeup
Black Cherry Makeup.

I was feeling myself this entire day and it shows in this picture. My favorite thing about this look is honestly the fact that I got my false lashes to blend perfectly into my real lashes and there’s no mile long gap between the fake and real lashes. I just really love this picture. 

LIC most recent makeup
Most recent look featuring Bantu Knot results

This is my most recent look and I love how simple it is. My shadow actually looked a lot different and deeper than what you see. However, the lips, using Manna Kadar Lucky priming lip stain from FabFitFun editors box  is so creamy. I had this look on overnight because wow I got sick near the end of this night and practically knocked out as soon as I got back to the house. It was a mess.  but the lip stain lasted for a good 6 hours. I was very happy. 

What was your favorite look? 

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