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FabFitFun Spring 2017 Box | Full Spoilers & Reviews

By now, hopefully all the FabFitFun subscribers have received their Spring 2017 box. If not, you may or may not want to finish reading this post. I’m reviewing the contents of the box, so that means (as the title states), full spoilers 🙂

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Even though I only have the fabfitfun and Ipsy subscriptions (so far, I’m currently looking at other subscriptions like Box of Style, BirchBox and maybe even the Target box), I have to admit FabFitFun is my favorite (the spring 2017 box has a lipkit that honestly I’ve fallen in love with). I don’t know if it’s the fact that all of the box contents are full size (most of them at least), the contents are really nice quality and hand picked to fit you once you fill out your profile, or the fact that you get well over $300 worth of products(you’d probably never buy on your own…or know of) for just $49.99. It’s probably all the above. 

Spring 2017 Box Contents

Inside the FabFitFun Spring 2017 Box

Milly Zip Pouch “Beach Please” $45

Beach Please! Love that it’s two innuendos, if you think about it enough

The texture of this pouch is perfect for the beach. I haven’t yet tested it with water but I think droplets of water would end up simply gliding off of this, keeping your contents safe and dry. I just did the water test and it definitely keeps your contents safe and dry! The water can build up on the outside so I wouldn’t take it in the water, but it didn’t get the inside of the pouch wet at all! This is a wristlet bag, so you don’t have to worry about holding it in your hand all day.


Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask $28

Hydrating face masks for the perfect glow

I just tried this product today (March 24, 2017) and I actually like it. I was cautious of this since my face can get really sensitive and break out easily but this was so wet with moisture, once I put it on I had no worries. The package itself is very pristine, in my opinion. The font is of gold foil-texture and the inside packaging is even better. I’ll be getting a picture of it and sharing it to my Facebook or Instagram so make sure you’re following me to see it!  

Keep this mask on for 10-20 minutes (I had mine on for 14) and gently pat the residue moisture into your skin. Honestly, this feels so good. It says to use only once a week, so don’t go overboard! After using it, I do feel a nice layer of moisture on my face that I haven’t felt before. My skin is a lot softer too. As for the glow, I can’t say I’ve noticed it on my skin but that may be because I washed my hair after using the mask and my face got all wet.

I’ve seen these a few times and have wanted to try it so I’m glad it was included in the spring 2017 box. By the way, you get 4 masks, a months supply, in this pack!


Use the @karunaskin hydrating face mask once weekly to keep your skin glowing! #fabfitfun #karunaskin Click To Tweet


Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator $79

Dr. Brandt exfoliator

I used this one time. I reviewed the sample I got in my Ipsy march glam bagIt gave me a slight burning discomfort when I used it. I ended up giving this to my grandmother. She likes stuff like this. She hasn’t given me her thoughts on it yet, so I don’t know if it worked better for her or not.

Did it work for me? I suppose it did. Other than the burning, it did exfoliate my face and it has a nice citrus fragrance to it. 


Gypsy 05 Roundie $50

Take this to a picnic or the beach for a colorful seat!

I also have not used this yet but let me tell you this thing is big. I actually didn’t unfold it all because it was so big and I honestly did not have the time to fold it back up. I love the print of this though. It’s soft and subtle, but with yellow and green tones perfect for the coming summer! I hope to be using this soon! The texture is soft and the quality feels like it’ll last years if taken care of. One tip I want to mention, from FabFitFun themselves, hang it on the wall and use it a photo backdrop. I am absolutely going to try this. If you don’t go to picnics or the beach often, like me, that is a perfect use for this! 

I saw one picture of it on twitter, and it was on the floor but still used to show off the users spring 2017 box. Such a fun way to use it! 


Beside the beach and picnics, what do you use your #Gypsy05 for? I adore #fabfitfun tip for using this as a photo backdrop! Click To Tweet


Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray $20

ROsehip, ARgan oil, and COconut oils. Lightweight spray, barrier against heat, strengthens, softens, and moisturizes.

This spray is so heavenly. I used it the other day after washing and conditioning my hair. I parted my hair in 4 big sections, sprayed this through my strands (focusing on the middle and ends, like recommended), combed it through and went about my day. My curls were popping! I didn’t even experience frizz with this stuff. Do I love it? Hell yes. It did make my hair a tiny bit crunchy, so that I wasn’t too fond of, however my hair was still light and fluffy and most importantly FREE OF FRIZZ. Y’all know my struggle with frizz and this got rid of it. I am so thankful it was included in the spring 2017 box! 

Another thing I want to mention is that this was the only product I used after washing and conditioning. My hair lasted through the whole day with just this stuff in and it wasn’t even tangled! I was able to separate and twist my hair later that night with just my fingers. #IReallyLoveThisMilk


Check out the Rosarco milk @brigeohair to diminish frizz and create a barrier from heat! #spring2017box #fabfitfun Click To Tweet


REALHER Lip kit in Deep Red $48

Motivational quotes on your new favorite lip kit

Certified cruelty and Paraben free, infused with shea butter and Jojoba seed oil, hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients. I didn’t expect to fall in love with this brand. My beauties on fire knows my struggles with red lips but let me tell you this stuff is pure. By pure, I mean 100% a favorite. I want to be stocked up for a year with this stuff. Or better yet, for the rest of my life. Yes, I love it that much. What I find so cute about this brand is that Bill Xiang, a dad and feminist, made it for his daughter to give her “a way to start her day that makes her feel great.” #Respect.  If you don’t know about this brand (I didn’t  before I received my box), please read up (not an affiliate link!) on the company’s mission!

How it looks

Deep Red REALHER Lip Gloss
Matte and Gorgeous? Yes Please
REALHER Deep Red Swatch!

this was a last minute very mini photo shoot to show the colors. The gloss is one coat. The texture is so creamy and smooth and moisturizing. I kept smoothing my lips together because of how smooth it was! The color pops and goes so well with my skintone. The wand on both the gloss and the lipstick (the lipstick is a wand application, I enjoyed that little feature) are curved to perfectly fit the curve of the lips to give an easy swipe and application. The lipstick goes on bright and shiny but dries to a darker matte finish. WEAR BALM UNDER THIS BECAUSE IT DRIES THE LIPS SO MUCH.

I promise I love this brand. The lip liner/pencil is also just as smooth as the gloss. I don’t have to go over my lips with the liner multiple times for it to show up. Pair the liner with the lipstick to have a slight gradient look! 

REALHER suggest pairing one coat of the gloss over the lipstick, once it’s fully dried, to achieve a new look. I haven’t tried this yet but I will!


This post is so so long but I promise we are almost done! 

Emerald DUV Cage Bracelet $80

“Joshua Tree” Cage Bracelet. Wear alone or pair with stackable rings

This was an item that all FabFitFun members were able to choose in their spring 2017 box for free. The choices were this cuff and some LUV AJ earrings. I didn’t know which one I would love more so I chose the option “surprise me.” I do not regret it, but now that I’ve seen the earrings…I do wish I had just paid the extra $10 to get both the cuff and the earrings. But oh well! I do enjoy wearing this. I don’t pair it with stacks of rings as tipped in the Magazine but I do pair it with my gold-toned watches. The bracelet does have some play with the size so you can make it fit your forearm/wrist comfortably. Fortunately (being a plus size girl) I didn’t have to reshape it at all. It wears comfortably and looks great!


Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish “Like A Virgin” & “Shape of My Heart” $19

White color is Like A Virgin, Pink color is Shape of My Heart.

It might just be me but I really don’t care for this product. Not yet at least. I’ve only tried the white color “Like a Virgin” so far but I don’t care for it. It chipped within two days, the color isn’t my favorite and the bottle is so small I wonder why it’s even $19. Apart from the chipping, it’s been about a week since I painted my nails and the color is still on there so it lasts. I’m going to go ahead and see if I like the pink color better. My thoughts may change after that. 


SPRING 2017 BOX TOTAL: $369-$374 (depending on selections).

I do want to mention the Vitamins, the Anderson Lilley body wash, and the Burt’s Bees protein powder did come with the spring 2017 box but weren’t included in the price, so I consider them extras. I actually bought the Anderson Lilley Body Wash as an add on for $16.

There’s also a new feature for members only that helps with weight loss! So Fitgirls and #CGGS girls, it just might be worth it to sign up now and get completely free access to the health community! 😉 


That was such a long ass post. I hope you enjoyed it until the end! After receiving the Editors box and this spring 2017 box, I truly have no regrets joining FabFitFunGet $10 off your first box, using my sign up link!

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