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Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Glow Gel Highlighter

In my last blog post, I mentioned the new Marc Jacobs Coconut glow gel highlighter. This post is going to be the full review and initial thoughts on the new highlighter! 

I received this product free from Influenster for testing and review purposes. However, all opinions and thoughts are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links are labeled blue for your convenience. Read my full disclosure here.

Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Gel Highlighter

New Coconut glow gel highlighter

Inspired by Marc’s love of coconut water, this collection includes a gel highlighter, as well as a setting mist, limited edition bronzer, bronzer brush and our best selling primer to enhance skin for a covetable glow. 


Initial thoughts

Loved the packaging and the little booklet design
The packaging of the coconut glow gel highlighter was really sleek and it screamed high-end product to me. I loved it. Upon opening the box, there was black tissue wrapped around the actual box which helped protect the highlighter. There was a little 2-page booklet in the box as well. I thought it was directions on how to best use it but it was just reminding Influensters to check in their box once they got it and review the coconut glow gel highlighter. I did a short rather unflattering unboxing on my Instagram story and used one pump. Let me tell you now one pump can cover your entire face and probably more. A little definitely goes a LONG way with this stuff. 

Initially, I didn’t smell any fragrance but I did see other reviewers and users complimenting or disliking the scent of the highlighter so…I sniffed it. There is a slight sweet scent that reminds me of the shampoo provided in hair dye kits, specifically Revlon kits. It’s a peculiar scent but it doesn’t bother me.

First use

I used the coconut glow gel highlighter above my brow, on the top of my cheek bones, and the tip of my nose.
I used the coconut glow gel highlighter on my hand originally, for testing purposes and the color was gorgeous but I was worried that it would be too bright on my face. The blending on my hand wasn’t an easy task and I actually never got it to blend well. I ended up using a small amount from my hand on my wrist to try blending a smaller amount. That worked better but it still wasn’t my favorite.

Now this is my first time using a gel highlighter so maybe I was doing it wrong but I did look at how to apply this and followed directions as closely as possible. I didn’t get the desired look I wanted on my cheeks. It looked…like a streak of highlight. It was very hard to blend. However I enjoyed using it on the tip of my nose! Until I get better at highlighter/strobing, that’s where I’ll be using this highlighter. 

Major Loves

  • The sleek design of the packaging. This is definitely added to my list of faves.
  • How well protected it was. Even though it was only tissue paper, the box with the highlighter itself was snug in the paper and even as I shook it (gently of course) I didn’t hear anything moving around.
  • The color of the highlighter. I think if you use this right, it can fit a wide range of skin tones. 
  • The feel of it is shockingly not creamy nor sticky, like I thought it would be. It feels more like a wet powder, in my honest opinion.
  • This product is full size!

Major Dislikes

  • I don’t think this is good for beginners or people who aren’t use to makeup/professionals. I can’t tell you how many times and ways I tried to blend it out on my cheeks. 
  • One pump releases way too much. For this to be such a pigmented formula, you really do not need an entire pump for your makeup, especially if it’s being used only for ‘strobing/highlighting’ effects.

Final Thoughts

Beautiful sleek design
do recommend this for beauty lovers who want a high-end, pigmented, and fun highlighter. I will continue to use this and apart from my dislikes, I do love the product itself. If you’re on a budget, understand that this highlighter cost $44. Would I buy it on my own? This is a BIG maybe. Once I get a better grasp on how to correctly blend this out, and have it show up the way I want, I just might fork over the $44 for this.

Where you can get the Coconut Glow Gel Highlighter: Sephora.com

I received the Marc Jacobs Coconut Glow Gel Highlighter free from Influenster and this is my full thought and review on the product! #reviews #beautyreview #coconutglow #marcjacobsbeauty #marcjacobbeauty #marcjacobs #highendmakeup #makeup #beauty #influenster
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