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The 5 Step Guide to an Awesome Morning

Lately, I’ve been waking up around 7, or 8 am on late mornings, but the great thing is that most of my mornings have been great, which usually leads to a great day. 

Because we are still sleepy and tired from the previous days’ works, stresses, happenings, and memorable moments, it’s so easy to just wake up and forget to make the establishment that this morning, this day, is going to be great. 

Here are 5 things I do every morning to establish an awesome morning, which leads to a great day.

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Start your day by having an awesome morning. When you do this, your day ends up good, for the most part. 

5 things to do to have an awesome morning.

Read the Bible or meditate

I’m not as consistent with this as I should be but on days that I do pick up my Bible and read even just once verse, I always end up having an awesome morning and a great day. If you’re religious, you know that keeping God first is the most important thing in life. If you’re not religious, don’t worry, I’m not going to force my God on you, you can meditate! 

Bible Apps

I use the Bible App on my phone for quick access to particular verses and my favorite scriptures. I do have a paper copy Bible from my church but I like to keep it upstairs in my office. 

I’ve also downloaded the She Reads Truth Bible app. I didn’t have enough space on my phone to keep it so I deleted it but I am thinking of getting a hard copy Bible from the site, and they have awesome phone wallpapers with verses on them! Check the app out here

I never actually had my own physical Bible before until my church gave me one. A Bible is a Bible, but I do want something a bit more…me. As far as aesthetics go. If you have any recommendations on where to buy a beautiful but simple KJV Bible, let me know! 

Meditation apps 

Calm – this app provides guided meditations and relaxing sounds for meditating on your own.

Relax Melodies – I’ve had this app for years now and I literally use it every night. My favorite sound mix is the city ambiance, rain, and thunder. It gets me relaxed and ready for sleep every night. I use this before sleep to get my mind focused, reflect on the days’ happenings and prepared for the next morning. 

All these apps should be completely free unless you want to purchase the extras available but I haven’t put in any money to any of these apps and I get full use out of them!

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Since I stay downstairs on the couch currently, and my family is on the floor right next to me, I don’t get a full body stretch. I do stretch as much as possible though, before even getting up. Stretching your body after sleeping wakes your body up, gets your blood flowing and your mind active. If you have the space to do a full body stretch, do it.  


This one may seem silly but think about how you feel whenever you genuinely smile. You feel great, right? Even in tough situations, when you have a genuine smile you automatically feel better. So why not do it every morning? This is another habit of mine that I don’t do every single day, it definitely works on days that I do smile. Try it. There’s always something to smile for. Waking up is a reason to smile!

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Eat breakfast

This one is so important. Whether your goal is to have an awesome morning or not, this step is simply important. Please, please, please try to eat something healthy! If you aren’t a fan of breakfast, a lot of people (including myself) are not, eat something small like a protein bar, pop-tart, some granola, or just bring something with you for later when you do get hungry, as a snack! Fruit is a great thing to bring. 

My favorite breakfast meals are either Overnight Oats or Chobani Greek Flip Peanut Butter Dream yogurt. I have tried Chobani’s plain Greek yogurt and I hate it but, you know, it’s supposed to be healthy for you or whatever. I cannot get myself to like plain greek yogurt. Ugh. 


Plan out your day

I like this one because it can be so fun and inspiring. Plus, planning out what you need to do, no matter how big or small always gives you more clarity of what is most important! Use a journal, your phone notes, the calendar, a bullet journal, your planner, sticky notes…listen. Use whatever you have at your convenience and make sure to make it yours so that you’ll actually look at it throughout the day. 

Your planning doesn’t have to be detailed. Just list bullet points of what needs to be done. If you want details, that’s totally fine too. I go either way, depending on the tasks and the day. 

I also like to list everything I need to do for the week in my phone Notes app, then separate tasks by their category (work, personal, or school) and put it in my physical bullet journal(for school) and Happy Planner( for work) to make it ‘official’. It may seem like a lot, but it helps so much in providing you with a plan for an awesome morning!


5-step guide to an awesome morning! Start your day out right! #morningtips #wellness #health #mentalhealth #spiritualhealth #mentalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #yoga #yogis #God #faither #christianity #lifestyleblog #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #blackblogger #blacklifestyleblog #femaleblogger #femaleblogs

Try these 5 crazy simple steps every morning and see if your life doesn’t change! Any other tips you can recommend? Leave them down below in the comments, let’s support and inspire each other.


5-step guide to an awesome morning! Start your day out right! #morningtips #wellness #health #mentalhealth #spiritualhealth #mentalwellness #emotionalwellbeing #yoga #yogis #God #faither #christianity #lifestyleblog #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #blackblogger #blacklifestyleblog #femaleblogger #femaleblogs
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  1. Love your tips! Nothing like starting the day with fresh inspiration to keep you centered in your purpose – and planning is CRUCIAL to moving toward your goals! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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  2. Loved your Morning post! Great ideas to get your day started right!

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