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June 2017 Glam Bag | Bold, Fierce, and Red Lips

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Hello Creatives!!!

I’m back from my vacation and am ready to jump back into work. I was welcomed back home to my Ipsy June 2017 glam bag and some really good Sunday Dinner.

This month, the Ipsy June 2017 Glam bag is all about speaking your mind, being fierce, and living the bold life. 

Ipsy June 2017 Glam Bag Contents

The Red Lips Bag

Ipsy's June 2017 glam bag Full spoilers and Reviews #Ipsy #beautypost #beauty #makeup #glambag #ipsyglambag #juneglambag #ipsyjunebag #makeupproducts #makeupreviews #beautyproducts #makeupjunkies #beautyjunkies #lifestyle #makeupblogger #lasVegasblogger #vegasbeautyblogger
Bold red lips bag

Though I think this bag is one of the smallest (at least, it feels really small) I love the graphic of the timeless red lips print. Red lipstick has always been a staple for strong women and I believe it was the perfect graphic to use for this months campaign. I will be using this as my makeup bag to fit in my purse!


NYX Professional Makeup Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle

Shade Cocoa Bean

The bottom shade is the lip color, the top shade is actually the blush that I’ll review next! I am currently wearing this Whipped Souffle. It feels great on my lips and provides a nice warm brown shade of color. It looks a little pink on me, as you can see in the picture but it still looks great. The biggest issue I have with this is the wand. It has a hole and it bothers my soul. The hole also makes it harder to apply the lip color, because you get nothing but streaks unless you really only use the outer parts of the wand. In my Ipsy rating, I gave it three stars, instead of five, because of the wand.

This product is apparently full size, according to NYX website and is currently on sale for $4.20 (as of June 22, 2017).

theBalm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush

In Full Swing

A blush that isn’t too pink on my cheeks and makes me look and feel like a doll? Yes, please! I was so happy when I applied this to my cheeks and it came out in the perfect shade of pink. It’s actually a shade or two darker on my cheeks than it is in the picture. I had a hard time finding a blush that was natural enough for me, although I do love my Max Studio baked blush, so using this was a pleasant surprise! 

The website and the product names are also really cute!

The full size is available on the official site for $21.00

City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow

City Colors Shadow in the color Beach Cottage

Look how pigmented this beauty is. Is it a favorite? Yes. Is it THEE favorite of the June 2017 glam bag? Absolutely. Have I used it once maybe too many times since I opened it? Of course. On my finger is two swipes. Count it, one, two. 2 swipes of the shadow and it’s that pigmented. The color also looks really damn great. #Awesome #Love #GetSomeOfThis


I cannot find a link to this but go to City Colors Website and check them out anyways. Their prices really shocked me! 

Skone Cosmetics Insanely Intense Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner

Thick brush but great liquid liner

First of all, let us appreciate the aesthetics of this eyeliner. The rose gold embellishments and top made me use it the same day. Often, I wont do a look the day I open new makeup products but the shadow and this eyeliner from the June 2017 Glam Bag, pretty much required me to play in it the same day. The tip of the brsh is thicker than the EM Cosmetics Illustrative Brush liner (whew, that’s a mouthful), but the quality is a bit better. If the brush was thinner, I’d give a 5 star rating.

Buy the Tattooed Eyeliner on the Skone Cosmetics website for $15.00.

Trissola Chia 5-in-1 Defining Curl Cream

Curl Cream that I wish had worked.

I tried this a little after I received it and unfortunely it did nothing for my hair. It smelled great and I loved the texture of the cream but it just didn’t do anything for me. I didn’t get curls, I didn’t have moisture…nothing changed. It’s like my hair just soaked in all the cream. I do enjoy the purple packaging though.

Check out the full size (67oz) on the Glam Beauty Store. Retail is $29.95

So what did you think about the Ipsy June 2017 Glam bag? Did you enjoy your products? If you aren’t subscribed, make sure to check it out! It’s only $10 a month!

Ipsy's June 2017 glam bag Full spoilers and Reviews #Ipsy #beautypost #beauty #makeup #glambag #ipsyglambag #juneglambag #ipsyjunebag #makeupproducts #makeupreviews #beautyproducts #makeupjunkies #beautyjunkies #lifestyle #makeupblogger #lasVegasblogger #vegasbeautyblogger
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