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Las Vegas Influencer Dinner Party @ the Culinary Dropout

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Las Vegas Influencer dinner party on June 20th. 

The dinner was held at the Culinary Dropout inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. I have never been to the culinary dropout before but it has definitely become a favorite spot now!

The Las Vegas Influencer Dinner Party

The Las Vegas influencer Dinner started at 6:30pm. I arrived at the hotel a whole hour ahead of time since 5 o’clock is traffic time. Since I had plenty of time to spare, my mom and I went inside M. Fredric at the casino and did some shopping. I didn’t buy anything but my mother bought this super sleek backpack purse. We then sat at Dunken Donuts sipping on coffee and taking selfies, until it was time for me to meet the party.

Now, I’m not big on going out, meeting people, and actually holding conversations with them. It’s not that I don’t want to do those things because I actually do, it’s just hard for me to do those things because of social anxiety. Needless to say, I was really nervous. 

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The inside of Culinary Dropout. We had our own little section to ourselves!

Once at the party I was greeted with a hug by the coordinator Melanie and realized being social isn’t nearly as bad as my mind makes me think it is. Plus, I think traveling by myself for the first time helped me step way out of my comfort zone. I’ll do a blog post on that soon.

All of the ladies that attended are bloggers, while most have 9-5 jobs as well. I applaud those women! I couldn’t do it. Kira was such a sweetheart and I enjoyed speaking with her. She’s such an approachable and supporting woman! 

The Food Samplers

There was so much food we had sampled and thanks to Tyler, I have some amazing pictures of it all!

Kale Salad. Pretzel rolls in the back
Shrimp and Chicken Skewers

My favorite dish from our tasting party were the Chicken and shrimp skewers and the pretzel rolls with fondue. Heaven in my mouth! 

This isn’t even all the food we sampled, we had so much more. And EVERYTHING was delicious! Kudos to the chefs! Our waiters were extremely nice as well.

Finding a group of influencers in your city makes the blogging world that much easier #VegasInfluencers #VegasBloggers #femalebloggers Click To Tweet

The Sponsors.

 Our sponsors were TreatBeauty, Air Repair, Peridot Sweets, and Culinary Dropout (our host)! 

Treat Beauty supplied the Las Vegas Influencer Dinner girls with an awesome jumbo lip balm (seriously, this is the biggest lip balm I’ve ever seen in person). It’s safe to say this has completely replaced my love for Carmex and Vaseline. What’s so great about it, you ask? Well, other than the jumbo size (which should last forever), it smells like confetti cake and keeps your lips so moisturized. Plus, it’s organic and USDA approved. It’s ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, flavor, vitamin E, and Stevia Extract. #GetYouSomeOfThis

Air Repair blessed us with a complexion-boosting moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a travel size too, which is perfect for the summer travels! I’ve been using this on my hands pretty much every day. You all know I’m forever talking about how hard the Vegas water is. This is definitely a blessing to keep my hands hydrated and soft.

Last but not least, the tastiest treat from our sponsors, the cake pops by Peridot Sweets! I got a chocolate cake pop with pink icing and silver glitter! I tried to save mine for dessert and unfortunately, it got smashed (and melted…thanks, @VegasHeat) in my purse so the picture isn’t the best but trust me, it was tasty and beautiful! 


Gift Bag goodies!


Thank you to all of the sponsors, the host and our coordinator for making the Las Vegas Influencer Dinner party happen!

The Las Vegas Influencer Dinner Party at the Culinary Dropout. #lasvegas #lasvegaseats #wheretoeatinlasvegas #vegaseats #culinarydropout #influencers #dinnerparties #dinnerparty #influencermeetup #bloggers #lasvegasbloggers #vegasbloggers #beautybloggers #beauty #lifestylebloggers #lifestyle #sociallife #luxurylife #luxury
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  1. Loved reading your post Brianna! I was like Yes! When I read the social anxiety part of your post, I can totally relate to that! Glad I wasn’t alone 🙂 also Kira was amazing and put my nerves at ease at the party!

    1. Hey, Rosey!

      You have social anxiety too?? Glad to meet another blogger like me! Yes, Kira was such a sweetheart! She really helped me to loosen up. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      1. Ya no prob. And yes! I get super nervous especially when I meet ppl for the first time! I’m more of the introverted type of personality so being around lots of ppl sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. So glad we can relate to social anxiety together as bloggers!

  2. Thank you! It really is important to go out of your comfort zone! It helps build confidence when things go right ?

  3. Looks like it was such a fun event!Love seeing ladies supporting each other!

    xo, Lauren

    1. It really was, I’m really glad I ended up going! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. This looked like such a fun event! Good on you for trying something different and stepping out of your comfort. Those are such difficult times but the confidence that comes with saying “I did it!” is one for the books 🙂

    Shruthi, thehonestShruth.com

    1. Yes!! I keep thinking about the dinner and feeling so good to have went and enjoyed myself. It’s definitely a great memory!

  5. Looks like it was a blast and the food samples look so yummy! I may be going to Vegas soon too for the first time so definitely may check out Culinary Dropout! Thanks for sharing xo

    1. If you come to Vegas, absolutely check out Culinary Dropout. I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed! The food was so amazing, if you love bread and cheese, try the pretzel rolls and fondue. Trust me on this lol

  6. This looks like so much fun!! I wish I lived in LV!

    x – Leah

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading! I’ve lived in Vegas since 2003 and just found out about this place lol Hopefully you can visit one day!

  7. This looks like a great dinner party

    1. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  8. Wow, the food looks so delicious! And I completely understand about the social anxiety. I have it too and it always makes me so nervous to go to events, especially when I have to or I’m being forced to (ie. work) but I’m glad you got out of your comfort zone!


    1. Ah I couldn’t imagine being forced to for work! That’s horrible but I respect you for going through it! There’s been many opportunities in the past that I have passed up because of my social anxiety.

  9. sounds like a wonderful get together! super awesome!

    Courtney Bentley || http://www.starsystemz.com

    1. Thanks for reading!:)

  10. YES, I know exactly how you feel when people think you’re being bitchy or moody but it really is just us freaking out inside lol the struggles of being socially awkward!

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