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Downtown Charm with Boxycharm! More RealHer Products!

It’s time for another Boxycharm review! The theme for this month (June 2017) is Downtown Charm.

First off, I am so glad to say that I now have 4 RealHer products in my arsenal. The liquid lipstick, the gloss, the liner, and now one of their eyeshadow palettes. Kudos to Boxycharm for snagging this palette!

The Downtown Charm contents

BioBelle Cosmetics Sheet Masks $14.97

3 sheet masks from Biobelle Cosmetics

Sheet masks are becoming a favorite beauty care product of mine. I used the #Beautyscoop and #primer masks so far. I enjoyed using the #Primer mask. Apply it for 5 minutes before your makeup application for a smooth finished look. I didn’t use my normal Maybelline Master Primer and my makeup turned out as if it did use my actual primer. I give the primer mask a 5-star rating for that! 

The #Beautyscoop mask was okay. It provided a nice glow and my skin was soft after using it but that’s about it. I wouldn’t say this mask was above and beyond, just a good sheet mask. 

Eye Shadow Palette in shade II ‘Do Your Squats’ by RealHer $28.00

RealHer ‘Do Your Squats’ eye palette

Pickup of these shadows are great, blending is great, pigmentation is decent. You can see it on my eyes, but I had to go over it a bit. I’m definitely going to use this often, but it’s not my favorite palette.

I love Real Her products so I’m thankful to have this palette. Would I have been happy if I had paid $28 for this, myself? Probably not. The palette isn’t huge, the size is probably about 4 inches in size. If you have the IBY Beauty highlight and contour kit, it’s about half the size of that.

Here’s a look I did with the palette.

In this picture is the Boxycharm contents: RealHer eye shadows, Ofra Liquid Lipstick, and Diamond Glow Powder

Diamond Glow Powder $26.99

I call this my gold powder

Do you love the symbol? I do. You know how I feel about nice packaging and this fits my style! The powder itself is so pigmented. Please start light and build up. It’s also the most ‘gold’ I’ve seen as a powder. It’s a favorite.

Ofra Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Tuscany $19.90


I was really excited to try this lipstick. Unfortunately, I got a bad one. The top was loose, enough to dry out the lipstick. I was able to get enough for the makeup picture above but I doubt I’ll get any more out of this one. However, I did contact Boxycharm and they are sending a replacement in my next box! The color of this Tuscany liquid lipstick is more purple than I expected it to be.

Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640 $24.00

Soft like a rabbit’s foot

This reminds me so much of a rabbit’s foot or tail. It’s soft and fluffy, and the shape of it reminds me of a rabbit. First, I used it to wipe away the excess powder I had from baking, I didn’t like it for that. The brush was too light to wipe away the powder. Next, I tried using it for the Gold Powder. I can appreciate it better for that purpose. However, it’s not my favorite brush. I really love the design of this brush. The pink and rose elements are beautiful

The Downtown Charm Box Total: $113.86

I don’t necessarily LOVE this box, but I do enjoy it! My favorite products from the downtown charm box are the diamond glow powder, the sheet masks, and the eye palette!

What do you think of the Downtown Charm box from Boxycharm? Did you enjoy all your products?

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  1. I’m dying over that eyeshadow palette and your lip color! So beautiful babe!

    xo, Hales | http://www.sincerelyhales.com

    1. Thank you! <3

  2. What a steal! I love the colors in that palatte and you look fab with it on!

    1. Aww thank you! <3

  3. Love the neutrals in the eye shadow palette! Def my go-tos!


  4. I love the way the makeup looks on you! You are looking so beatiful! Great beauty haul! Love the OFRA lippie!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

  5. awww those are gorgeous! those masks looks really cool 😉

    Courtney Bentley || http://www.starsystemz.com

  6. I’m loving the eye shadow palette! I haven’t used sheet mask much, but these seem pretty cool!

  7. […] do enjoy this subscription but lately, I’ve been receiving defective items (this box and the June box), so that’s starting to push me […]

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