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Brunch and Nails at The Gramercy

Being invited to closed events as a blogger and influencer never get old. It’s a blessing to see all the special events in person. I used to dream of this and now I am living through it. #ThankfulAndBlessed

Recently, I was invited to attend a blogger and influencer event at The Gramercy for brunch and nails and I am so glad I attended. To give you some detail and background on the location, it is one of Las Vegas’s luxury residential apartment complexes. What’s different about this complex from others? You never have to leave the complex. Literally. There are food shops like Pinches Tacos and Portion Control, Raw Fitness for staying in shape after eating all that good food, and even Nohea Nails if you really want to get pampered. That’s not all either, The Gramercy has an outside area that is begging for photo shoots and parties, which you can totally rent out!
Oh and if I haven’t mentioned it yet, The Gramercy has the Regus Office building which you can literally rent out an office space with a window(apparently a huge floor-to-ceiling window), interior office if you’re not a fan of huge luxury windows, an office suite, or if you don’t want something to yourself, you can share the space with other workers in the more open desk areas. I want to move here so bad.
Screen grab from the Regus Office Website

Brunch and Nails Itinerary

What I wore to the event! Thank you Graciella for taking my picture!
Shirt: RainbowShops / similar | Knee slit black jeans: Jeggins from Wal-Mart, knee slits homemade/similar/similar | SM New York Shoes: Sears/similar/similar
Since we were there to experience the brunch and nails services we arrived around 11 am to meet up and have Champagne at the pool to go over the days’ events. After chatting and getting some photos in, we made our way to Pinches Tacos! I’ve tried many eateries lately thanks to my adventures and events with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers and this is another restaurant that is added to my list of favorite places to eat! We enjoyed many of the chefs’ favorites and were filled by the time we were done, we also had a round of blood orange margaritas. Never before had I tried blood orange anything because the name sounds awful but I will be going back to Pinches for that drink. 

Pinches Tacos food

Portion Control

After eating at Pinches Tacos, we were split into two groups and group A was sent to Nohea Nails, while group B was sent to Portion Control (to eat even more), I was in group B. The setup at Portion Control was so beautiful and the chef was so nice! He informed us all about the meal options Portion Control offers and how the place was started! I felt bad though because most of group B were still so full from Pinches Tacos that we didn’t really eat a lot from Portion Control. I did taste the Zucchini Pomodoro though and it was mouthwatering, to say the least.
If you’re wondering, Portion Control is literally a portion controlled restaurant. They cook your meal(s) and provide you with all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all you have to do is heat it up. You can order your food to be picked up, delivered, or eat at the place itself and you can order one meal or a week worth of meals, you truly can customize it! You can find out more about Portion Control here.

Nohea Nails

The groups switched after about 30 minutes and it was then time to get our nails done! Due to the time and how many girls it was (the group was about 20 girls total), we were offered to get a nail done with a decal of our choice for free, but all the influencers and bloggers received a certificate to come back within a year to get a full manicure! How nice of them, right? I am going to go back for my birthday and get something nice.
Nohea Nails have two huge books of hundreds of decals that you can choose from and honestly, that’s probably what took the most time. I got my right ring finger painted black with a crescent moon because I am a moon child. The lady who did my nail was so quick and nice. Also, I’ve had horrible experiences with pain and manicures, let me say now, she did not once burn me with the file spinner (I really have no idea what it’s called)!
Here is a picture of my nails after I painted the rest.


More information about The Gramercy

  • Apartments come as studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and penthouse lofts (as if it wasn’t luxurious enough already!)
  • The style is urban-luxury with private balconies, high ceilings, and open kitchens 
  • Underground parking (which is SO new to me, being a Vegas resident), comes with direct access elevators
  • Dog park 
  • Conveniently located (I currently live literally 5 minutes from this complex and there is really everything you need within a 10-minute drive).

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  1. This seems like a lovely and stylish event with a purpose. I wish I could attend. Well, maybe there is something similar in Houston.

  2. That sounds like an awesome place to be!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time!!

    Xo – http://www.lydialouise.com

  4. this event looks amazing!great job girl 🙂

  5. This sounds like an awesome event! Champagne, Brunch, and Nails…oh yes!!! xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com

    1. It was really fun! Thanks for reading 🙂

  6. The food looks amazing! Sounds like a fun event!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    1. I’m going back to Pinches Tacos sometime next month lol it was so good!

  7. What a special day! Everything looks so perfect, keep living that dream girl!


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