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Masquerade event Mercato Vegas with the VLI

This post is a recap of another one of the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers! Late October we had an amazing masquerade event held at Mercato Della Pescheria.

Mercato Della Pescheria is an Italian seafood restaurant and bar located in the middle of sister hotels The Palazzo and The Venetian.

Before we arrived at the restaurant, I️ did some researching to see if there was a dress code required since the name alone sounds fancy, I️ didn’t see one but since we were having a masquerade event, I️ decided I️ would wear a dress and some nice boots.

Makeup Look at the masquerade event
I got so many compliments on this dress from Rainbow Shops!


We had the wine room all to ourselves for the event, which was set up for 12 of us. We were served French bread in cute tin cans until our plates were sent out to us.

My 99 cent adorable mask for the masquerade event
Got this cute mask from the 99 cent store!

Our waiter Robert, was so generous and helpful throughout the night. He made sure our drinks and water were kept filled, as well as our bellies!

The girls and I️ enjoyed everything on the happy hour menu with about 4 plates of each dish. Marcato’s happy hour menu consists of

  • Smashed green olives tossed with fresh citrus and chili oil
  • crispy panko-coated seafood croquettes over Calabrian aioli
  • Steamed mussels tossed in a white wine and garlic sauce with house-made chorizo
  • Fresh tomato, basil, toasted focaccia bruschetta with aged balsamic and olive oil
  • Crispy lightly breaded calamari with a rustic tomato sauce
  • The Mercato Oyster Plate
  • And the tuna tartar which features ahi tuna, cucumber, spiced pistachio and Calabrian aioli

Needless to say, we all went home full. Some favorites among our group were the mussels, oysters, bruschetta and seafood croquettes! We all pretty much had seconds of those dishes. Though I’ll admit, I️ didn’t eat any of the mussels or oysters. I️ tried the calamari (for the second time in my life) which turned out really good but that’s was enough of trying new fish for one night!

fresh tomato and basil bruschetta at the masquerade event
My other favorite dish at the masquerade event
Virgin Margarita at the masquerade event, had a refill but couldn't finish the second one! virgin but still amazing
Virgin Margarita
amazing seafood croquettes at the masquerade event
These were a winner among the group, when I say we had seconds and thirds of this dish!! Kudos to the chef!
Calamari at the Masquerade Event
Not going to lie, the only reason I tried calamari again was because this one looked amazing and more crunchy, I was right. I had two (small) pieces!
Full table of amazing dishes at the masquerade event
All the food from the first round of eating! Our table was taken care of extremely well!
Ahi Poke Tuna TarTar at the masquerade event
This was good but I took too big of a bit and it happened to bring too much texture to my taste buds lol other than that, it was good
Mussels at the masquerade event
Couldn’t get the courage to try these but a few girls LOVED them

Masquerade event sponsors

All the sponsors for the masquerade event!
All the lovely sponsors, missing: Sugar Pova Sour Scary Gummies (they are missing from the photo because I ate them)

As always we had amazing sponsors and since this was a masquerade event, we had a bag full of face masks!! Rejuvenating masks, a corset lifting mask, a pomegranate mask, you name it and we had it! I️ have enough facial care products to last me until spring of 2018 if I’m being honest. And I️ love it.

Huge thank you to our sponsors for the masquerade event!!! Your products are loved and well used!

This event was hosted by Mercato and its partners and the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers received the sponsored items for free. As always, my opinions are my own.

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  1. I am in LOVE with that mask!! It’s seriously so fun and you look so fabulous in it. Your make up is completely ON POINT too! Seriously that lip colour is stunning on you & your cat eye is just perfect. That event looks so fun and I always wish there were more masquerade parties, there’s something just so fun about them!! x Shannon || http://www.champagneatshannons.com

  2. What a great mask- looks like a fun night!
    Jen from http://www.styleinshape.com

  3. Oh my goodness, this looked like so much fun! It makes me wish there were masquerade parties over where I live. x

  4. This event looks AMAZE! Thank you for sharing! xo

    Catherine Claire

  5. I just watched the Phantom of The Opera movie few nights ago, and I was thinking how fun it would be to go to a masquerade party. It looks like you had a great time. love your mask. xo, Emily


  6. Looks like a fun event! And that mask is so fab!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

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