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Facebook Groups for Engagement | Wednesday Work

Coming into the blogging world, I knew that I needed engagement on my social media and website in order to be seen in this industry. I’ve rounded up my top 3 favorite Facebook groups for engagement! I will also give tips I’ve found to be useful in getting the most out of the groups! 

top 3 Facebook groups for engagement
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Blogging can be a tedious process and can be lonely. To battle that side of blogging, it’s important to be apart of groups that have other bloggers! You can join groups that feature bloggers of your niche or the complete opposite. Your definition of support and a blogger community is up to you. However, I love facebook groups, as they give me the most resources, support, and engagement. These groups are the most active, among my list of groups and they offer the best support to bloggers of all kinds!


facebook group_boss girl IG pod


  • Very active
  • over 7300 members
  • requires members to like and comment (with at least 4 words. Lowkey telling members to have thoughtful responses!)
  • can share up to 3 IG posts per thread
  • share threads are created daily


  • only requires members to like at least 15 links in the threads. You can be skipped or not receive a lot of likes.
  • the threads can get super long, like over 100 comments per thread.

I love this facebook group for authentic Instagram engagement. It isn’t geared towards your blog specifically, but the social engagement is just as important. If you want to join their blog specific facebook group, you can do that here.


Facebook group for engagement_Bloggers supporting bloggers


  • different threads for each day. example: Monday blog post thread, Tuesday facebook thread, etc.
  • active
  • 29k plus members.
  • Requires likes to only 5 other members.
  • currently hosting a giveaway (as of April 4th, 2018)
  • A community to share knowledge, network, and ask questions about blogging.


  • 29k plus members
  • can be skipped since any 5 members are required.

Bloggers supporting bloggers is a favorite of mine for the community. Most of the bloggers that I see are active are lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers so they fit in my niche. It offers a great network for me! 


bloggers social media support_facebook group_screenshot


  • a thread for each day lasts for 24 hours
  • requires you to reciprocate to all in the thread
  • highly active
  • threads for all aspects of social media


  • if you missed out on a thread, or get to a thread later in the day, you may not get much action from that thread. It’s much better to try and share your posts early.
  • you have to reciprocate to every share in the post and like their comment to let them know you’ve done your part, this can take up a lot of time! 
  • Bloggers from all niches. If you’re looking for a group that only features bloggers from your niche, this is NOT the one to join.
  • can only have one share per thread.

My most used facebook group for engagement. The reason it’s my favorite is that all members who share a post in the threads are required to like all other members post in said thread. However, this takes up a lot of time, I can spend two hours reciprocating alone, especially if it’s in the “blog comment” thread!

There are many other great facebook groups out there for engagement. I’m apart of more than these three, however, as mentioned earlier, I chose my top 3 favorites for a reason! These groups give me the best support and engagement for my blog. Make sure to check them out if you have yet to join them! 

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  1. How Cool! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I am already a member of two of these, and I absolutely love Ell from the Boss Girl Bloggers. She is so passionate and helpful…the best!

    1. Yay!! Glad to see you apart of Boss Girl Bloggers, Heather!

  3. Thank you so much for these links! It’s so hard to find support groups sometimes! I appreciate your pros and cons for everything too. xo

    1. No problem! I definitely wanted to share both the good and the bad with these groups so I’m glad they’re appreciated!

  4. I bookmarked this page so I can become apart of these groups!


  5. Do you use hashatory?

    1. I’ve actually never heard of that. Do you recommend it?

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