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Meal Planning with Hello Fresh! | Friday Fusion

Happy Friday loves!

The journey of losing weight and switching to a healthier lifestyle is still going. Not much progress has even been made, I will admit. It seems like every time I get going good, a tasty loaf of bread comes my way, or my time of the month comes around and I’m eating like a savage! It never fails! 

I know that will change over time though. It took years to get here, it will probably take years to change it, but that doesn’t discourage me! In fact, it comforts me because I know I still have time to change. One way I love to get back on track of eating healthy is with meal planning! I recently used my code on Hello Fresh that came in my last FabFitFun box. I ordered two meals and paid around $14 total. Since both meals were for two people, I decided to use them for meal planning!

This post is NOT sponsored by Hello Fresh.
If you're a fan of Hello Fresh and live alone, you can still use the meal for 2 plan with meal planning! No worries of wasting food anymore :) Check out more on the Blog: https://laqingincreativity.com
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Meal Planning with Hello Fresh is actually super easy. Just divide your meals into equal containers for the rest of the week or a few days. However, what I love about using Hello Fresh for this, you get all that you need for a quick healthy homemade meal, and you pay only once per week. The full price for the classic plan is $9.99 per meals. You can get 6 meals (which is 3 different dinners, remember, it’s for two people) and get free shipping. A screenshot is provided down below to give you a feel of what it looks like.

screenshot of HelloFresh.com

Now, I’m not sure what you pay per week at the grocery store for meal planning, but my bill is usually around $60. This is when I want to have fresh veggies and some fish in my diet. I love that using Hello Fresh saves me the trip to the grocery store and provides me with fresh ingredients. I was really skeptical ordering shrimp to be shipped but they packaged the meat under the veggies and produce, with two huge bags of dry ice at the very bottom of the box. Everything came fresh, I was honestly surprised.


I think this was easier to make than the Shrimp Tagliatelle. I added kale and tomatoes to the broccoli. This is one serving of the meal, the other half I put up in a container for lunch the next day. As you can see, it is a lot of food! I’m not a fan of pork chops, but with the cherry balsamic glaze, it was really good. The potatoes were new to me also. I honestly never knew potatoes could be purple inside. The thyme over the roasted veggies gave it a great taste. I was honestly really in love with this recipe.


Very fresh and creamy!

So it may not look like the picture on the instructions card but I promise it was deliciousThe green chili gave it such a nice heat to it while the pasta was fresh and al dente. The shrimp were plump and juicy as well! I think the best part about this is the cream sauce that was literally made with some butter, sour cream and pasta water to enhance the flavor and make as much sauce as you want. During the process, I either overthought too much or it was a bit complicated (which I doubt because it’s just boiling pasta and cooking shrimp). Afterward, it was so worth it. I want to actually make this recipe again and use some new ingredients to spice it up! 

Which of these meals look best to you? Have you tried Hello Fresh? Check for coupons and codes to save some money on your first order! 

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