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Autumn is coming! Fall Vibes – Spotify Playlist

Fall Vibes Spotify Playlist for Laqing In Creativity

Autumn starts this month and I’m having mixed feelings. Where did this year go?! I’ve created a playlist for my mixed fall vibes and I decided to share it with you. This is definitely a different type of post but if it gets good feedback, I’ll happily do one for winter/Christmas as well!

Fall Vibes Spotify Playlist for Laqing In Creativity

This is my first year without my grandmother and it’s taking its toll. Easter, Mother’s Day, 4th of July, even labor day wasn’t celebrated this year by my family and I. I doubt we will be doing much for the upcoming holidays. Part of me wants to celebrate the holidays knowing that if we don’t, the pain will really set in. But the other part of me wants to just…go somewhere. I have to admit, I tend to ignore things instead of fighting them head-on. It’s not healthy, I know. 

My family has always been a stay-at-home-for-the-holidays type of family and I’m thinking that may just change now. Tradition is fun but sometimes new experiences are necessary! Usually, my fall vibes are a good mix of chill and spooky. Obviously. However, this year, as stated multiple times through this blog, my fall vibes are mixed and so is my playlist! 

The playlist features many of my absolute favorite artists. I do believe this is full of songs perfect for fall vibes and I hope you think so too! Feel free to follow the playlist if you like it! 

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