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How To Become A Pro at Blogging

In honor of American Business Women’s Day (September 22), I’m sharing my favorite source to become a pro at blogging. 

I spoke about Style Collective before and how much it has helped me with blogging and all the pros and cons it comes with. You can read about that in my Black Sheep post. This post is an update on how I use Style Collective to become a pro at blogging and how it can help you!

Happy American women's Business Day!! I'm sharing my favorite resource that helps me look like I am a pro blogger! Read it on blog!

How using Style collective can help you become a pro at blogging

My favorite use of Style Collective is the education tab. Annie and her team create amazing FREE guides, courses, ebooks and more to help you stay on top of your blogging game. Current courses and guides on the site are “How to work with brands like a girl boss”, “How to monetize your influence and stand out from the influencer crowd”, “How to win at pitching brand partnerships” and more.

The Education Library features posts on how to launch your blog, how to focus and be more productive, how to get better with your social media, growing your influence, blog prep kits (these are given monthly and are SO helpful!). This is just a few of the sources in the library. 

Now I don’t want to lead you on, Annie DOES have a course every blue moon that she does charge for, but I do believe even those are free after a while 🙂 

screenshot taken from Style Collective
Style collective is a lifestyle and fashion bloggers best friend (that’s what I like to call it at least!) It’s geared to help like-minded bloggers inspire, support, and promote each other all while finding  awesome friends! Click To Tweet

Planning your content like a pro blogger

Another favorite feature of mine is the Blog Prep Kits. These are provided to all members of Style Collective completely free. Inside these kits include a

  • beautifully styled desktop wallpaper for the upcoming month that includes a lot of good dates already marked for you,
  • relative hashtags that can be used on Instagram,
  • fashion reports,
  • and content ideas. 

Annie literally plans your content for you if you want to follow her guides by the book! You just have to write the content!

Screenshot taken from Style Collective

Look like a pro blogger

Have I stressed enough how much FREE content you get for being a member of Style Collective? If not, there’s even more that you get absolutely free for being a member.

  • Media Kit Templates (I use this one!)
  • Contract and Invoice templates
  • Stock Photo Library
  • A Brand directory that works with Style Collective and its members. I got my first sponsored fashion post within a month of being a member of Style Collective!
  • A Rate calculator to determine what range you can charge a brand
  • Not to mention by being a member, you’re basically automatically an affiliate with Style Collective! 

Now that you have all this information, I hope you utilize it to the best of your ability! There is a lot of information to take in so don’t overwhelm yourself with it. Pace yourself and plan accordingly! You can sign up here and get started on being a pro at blogging!

Happy American Women’s Business Day!!




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