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5 Misconceptions about Introverts

Yeah, life is harder when you're an introvert. But it's not stereotypical for us. Here are 5 misconceptions about introverts.

I was challenged to share my mission statement behind this blog to the world of IG thanks to Style Collectives’ Visibility Challenge. I shared the story behind my mission and I got so many genuine comments of people relating to me! Of course, I was aware there were other people out there like me, but I was shocked at how many introverts are bloggers!

One of those blogging introverts, Rosey from Rosey Everyday, contacted me for a collaboration and we teamed up to give you 5 misconceptions about Introverts! Make sure to head over to her blog for her post!

Yeah, life is harder when you're an introvert. But it's not stereotypical for us. Here are 5 misconceptions about introverts.

1. a shy, reticent person. – Google
As an Introvert, I can tell you there are many people who just don’t get me. Unless they are also an introvert. There are things that we do that extroverts just take wrong. First, my face just loves to keep a”bitch face” on display when interacting with people. This is my truth that I do not purposely wear that expression nor am I a bitch. I can be, but that’s a whole other story for a whole other day. 
This brings me to my first misconception.

Introverts are not purposely rude and don’t mean to come off as so.

The truth about my resting bitch face is…well, I don’t know what to say or what to do and my mind automatically resumes the Bitch Face mode because of it. While my face is wearing that expression I am going through multiple scenarios of what I can say to who and all the possible outcomes my actions will have. Most of the time, I miss the opportunity to actually act on my thoughts because I just spent 10 minutes going through different scenarios. 

Introverts don’t like people

I love people. I love meeting new people. If you manage to get me comfortable enough to strike up a conversation with you then I want to hear any stories you’re willing to tell me. The problem with this misconception is that introverts need to feel relaxed and comfortable around a person to talk to them. It takes us longer to open up to others.

We are not all depressed

Age 13-18 (literally), I was depressed. When I lost my grandmother, I was depressed. Currently, I am not depressed. I’m just quiet and I like to be to myself. I need my own space most of the time. Not to be confused with “I want to be alone all the time” because that’s not true at all. I actually prefer to never be alone.

“Loosen up! Have fun!!”

This one actually…hurts. Every time I go out to an event, I want to have fun and enjoy myself. Seeing other influencers and bloggers at an event chatting and exchanging information is so inspiring. However, most of the time I just stick to myself trying to figure out who looks the most understanding and how I can approach them without wasting their time. 

Introverts have low self-esteem

My self-esteem is fine. This blog wouldn’t still be up and running if I wasn’t confident in myself. Yes, I have days where I feel like a balloon, days where I feel lost and unmotivated. But I have self-esteem. I know I am beautiful and I hope you know you are beautiful. In a world full of Kim Kardashians and Cardi B’s, I cannot stress enough how important it is to love YOURSELF, your inner self, your talents, your opinions and beliefs. Too many times I got caught up in trying to be like others who looked successful just to end up depressed (aka all my teen years). Please live YOUR life for YOU. Nobody else will make your happiness their top priority. Remember that. 


What misconceptions do you have about introverts? Are you an introvert too? What misunderstandings have you had from other people?

Click here to see my Instagram post about my mission and the story behind it.



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  1. I love your list of misconceptions about introverts! Especially the one about low self-esteem and not liking people. Thank you lots for collaborating with me Brianna, writing again for my blog reminded me of how much I enjoy and love it!
    Rosey recently posted…5 Things You Should Know About Introverts!My Profile

    1. Yay!!! I’m so happy you remember how much you love blogging! Times get really hard for us as bloggers/entrepreneurs on top of being introverts. Just remember your “why” anytime you feel like that!

  2. LOVE this post! As an introvert myself, I can totally relate! Thanks of sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading!! So happy you’re able to relate!

  3. I loved this post so much! Thank you for sharing and being so transparent!

    xo, Roselyn

    1. Thank you for reading!! I do my best to stay transparent honestly, I realized I can’t be honest to my readers nor to myself if I’m not transparent with my life!

  4. As an introvert, I love this post & totally agree! It’s so interesting the misconceptions I’ve heard. The biggest revelation I had was really understanding that I CRAVE solitude. It’s not that I don’t like people – in fact, most of my friend are extroverts! I just need the solitude to recharge! xx Shannon • http://www.essellesse.com

    1. Omg yes!!! My closest friends are big extroverts and LOVE attention. I’m happy to let them have it too lol I don’t want all that attention on me.

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