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TIME SENSITIVE Cyber Monday Self-Hosted Blog with Siteground

2018 is coming to a close in such a short amount of time. With the new year coming, it’s expected for about 1.6 million new blogs to be created. This means about 1.6 million people will be purchasing self-hosted blogs through one of the many self-hosting platforms out there. 

I’m going to link you to a few posts I’ve done recently on being a self-hosted blog and recommend my favorite host (Here’s a hint: it’s in the title of this blog). This blog won’t be long because this deal is time sensitive and will only last for cyber Monday.

SiteGround is having Cyber Monday deals with up to 75% off their self-hosted accounts! Do NOT miss out on this deal as you can become self-hosted for about $2 per month!

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please view my disclosure page.

75% off Self-Hosted Blogs

Jumping right into it, Siteground is currently offering its plans at 75% off. That’s about 2 bucks per month for a self-hosted blog. This is just a small investment with this deal that will help you with your blogging business whether its a career you want to make out from it or passive income.

Sitegrounds plans are explained in my 5 tips for going self-hosted with Siteground post. The most popular plan is the GrowBig account, which is also the plan I currently use. To give you a quick rundown of it, you get

  • unlimited websites
  • 20GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly
  • Essential WordPress features
  • Premium WordPress features

If you aren’t looking for that many features, but let’s be honest you probably are (go big or go home, right? No small thinking in this household!), you can go for the StartUp plan featuring:

  • One Website
  • 10GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • Essential wordpress features

Web Hosting

How to decide which self-hosted plan is best for you 

I’m going to be honest with you, no matter how much I explain how great SiteGround is and give my personal experience with Siteground, you are the final decider of your purchase. However I can help you with choosing which plan is best for you.

Again, I want to emphasize that in this household, we think big. and by household, I mean on this blog. I know there are folks out there who know they don’t want anything big. This is just a hobby for them, another source of passive income. That’s totally okay if so! Depending on how much passive income you want, I would suggest going with the StartUp plan, you can make some good money with selling your own products/services with 10k monthly visits!

What you can do with the Grow Big Account

If you want to be closer to a 5-6-figure income blogger, the GrowBig account is a great start for that. With 25k monthly visits you can make some serious cash that you can live off comfortably, or it can be another big source of passive income. It’s all about what you choose to sell, remember that! Imagine selling a how to blogger’s course, you have about 5 courses to teach, people love your teaching, and they support you. You sell your course for the average $497 for about 5-6 weeks worth of content, out of the possible 25k monthly visits to your blog, you get about 18k on average. Let’s say out of those 18 thousand visits, 8% of those visits buy your course, that’s 1,440 people buying your course, which brings you in $715,680. 

Listen, that’s money that you could receive by working at home, in the comfort of whatever the hell you want to wear, doing whatever it is that you want to do. If you don’t know, selling their own products/services is what gets bloggers the coins they make, this doesn’t even include all the sponsored and paid partnerships you’ll get with your blog! 

Okay, this turned out longer than I expected. 

Again, this deal for 75% off self-hosted blogging is time sensitive. At the time of this post, you literally have 12 hours to make your decision and your purchase! Please be mindful of ALL your options out there. If Siteground isn’t something you’re comfortable with or you don’t want to go with it for any other reason, please don’t! However, if you’re looking for a great host for your future or next blog, you want great customer service and amazing features included in your plan, do not miss out on this deal!

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