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Holiday Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman

Holiday Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman 

Can you believe Christmas is two weeks away!? Neither can I. I feel like I’ve been saying this since October but it came so fast. How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? Done yet? Me neither. 

If you are like me and have waited until December to start Christmas shopping, I partnered with Ann Taylor to create a gift guide for you! This guide is for the sophisticated woman(it could be you! A gift to yourself never hurts). 

This post is sponsored by Ann Taylor and contains affiliate links. For more information, read my disclosure. 

Last Minute Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman. This guide is perfect for the thinking woman, the corporate woman, and the classy woman! Read it now on Laqingincreativity.com

Pantos Round Sunglasses | 2. Lorna Suede Sandals | 3. Organic Metal Earrings | 4. Feather Tray | 5. Shimmer Plaid Scarf | 6. Modern Classic Brilliant Studs | 7. Spotted Mock Neck Sweater | 8. Lennon Pearlized Crystal Bow Suede Loafers | 9. Turtleneck Sweater Shift Dress | 10. Sequin Lace Shift Dress

Holiday Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman

I was thrilled when Ann Taylor came to me with this partnership. I’ve heard of the brand before and I adored their style for the working or sophisticated woman. While at the Ann Taylor store located in Rampart Commons, I picked up the shimmer plaid scarf and spotted mock neck sweater for myself. 

If you know me, I am in LOVE with leopard print! I couldn’t pass this sweater up! Scarves are a great accessory to tie an outfit together, I love them as much as I love watches so I also couldn’t put down the shimmer plaid scarf. Living in Las Vegas, I knew I wanted something neutral and light for the windy days and cold weather. I love that I can also rock this scarf during the spring when the weather warms up as it’s not a heavy fabric! 

While shopping online for Christmas gifts, I picked up the earring studs and sunglasses. I knew the people these gifts are going to would love them so I couldn’t let them go as my shopping was done last minute. I’m still not done, by the way! 

Last minute gifts for anyone

There are a couple of gifts that I didn’t list in the Pinterest graphic. This Capri Blue Aloha Orchid candle is another gift I purchased. I’m a big candle fan and this one I feel I should keep for myself lol. Don’t worry, I won’t! Another purchase for this candle will be made though! I can’t get over the smell! 

The Organic earrings I keep coming back to! Aren’t they amazing?! These earrings are great for any time of the day and with multiple outfit styles! I’m going to pick these up. 

At the store, I also picked up this Initial Necklace in the letter N in honor of my grandmother. I’ve been wanting a gold initial necklace for a while now so I was thrilled when I saw this!  

Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman. Spotted Mock Neck Sweater from Ann Taylor
I’m wearing the Spotted Mock Neck Sweater in Large Petite.


Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman. Buckle Earrings
I also picked up these buckle earrings while at the Ann Taylor store! I love the small detail they bring to my outfit.


Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman. Pantos Round Sunglasses and Initial Necklace from Ann Taylor
Here are the Pantos Round Sunglasses and an Initial Necklace I bought for myself.


Gift Guide for the Sophisticated Woman. Initial Necklace from Ann Taylor
I got the letter N for my grandmother’s first name.


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  1. That sparkly dress is quite fabulous!

    1. Isn’t it?? I love it

  2. A pair of sunglasses are always a great gift

    1. Agreed! 🙂

  3. Very cute top! I’ve been eyeballing some initial necklaces today as a matter of fact, lol. So does that mean this is a sign? I will probably wait until the holidays are over to gift myself something but that’s my plan to be a giver!

    1. It has to be a sign! Lol you should definitely go for it when the holidays are over! You’ll deserve after waiting to gift to others first !

  4. I love all your picks. They are so beautiful and classy. The earrings and that necklace are really doing it for me. They’re lovely.

    1. Thank you!!!

  5. This came right on time, i have no idea what to buy my wife for Christmas! Thank you so so much.


    1. You’re welcome, Chad! I hope she enjoys whatever you get her!

  6. Love your picks!! Those shoes are my favorite.

    xo Rachel | http://www.thesassroom.com

    1. Thank you !! I love the shoes!

  7. 4 and 7 are my favourites, but I really love all of the items! just a gorgeous gift guide 🙂 Would be happy to give or receive any of these items, that is for sure!

    1. I agree!! Thank you so much for reading!

  8. Earrings and clothes are always on the list. This is a fabulous gift guide you posted.

    1. Thanks, Romy!!

  9. Yes yes and yes to this gift guide girl. I especially love the leopard print mock sweater and the n necklace.

    1. Thank you!! The leopard sweater is such a fun piece! And it’s very warm!

  10. Nice suggestions here for gifts ideas. I’ve been seeing those earrings pop up before, they’re pretty popular!

    1. They’re adorable! You should definitely get them if they are in your budget!

  11. The Spotted Mock Neck Sweater is my favorite!! I love it.

    1. It’s such a fun sweater!

  12. Loving the suede sandals and the turtleneck dress! Turtleneck dresses have been my go-to recently for all these holiday parties.

    1. I agree!! Turtleneck dresses are so cute and can be styled in many ways if you get the right dress

  13. I love those shoes, perfect for the season!

  14. These are great gift ideas; thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Great idea! Statement accessories are absolute favorite always. It is very easy to boost your look with it in a flash!
    Lyosha recently posted…Missed me?My Profile

  16. This gift guide is awesome! Especially loving that red dress

  17. These are all such wonderful gift ideas! I love the monogrammed necklace.

  18. My Favorite find is those earrings. So timeless and chic! Great find girl!

  19. i love the leopard sweater! this entire guide is awesome!
    Jasmine Hewitt recently posted…The Real Problem With The Transformed WifeMy Profile

  20. Those were really a great gift idea especially Spotted Mock Neck Sweater. My sister would love that for sure.

  21. I love the necklace, so pretty

  22. I love Ann Taylor so much! This is a great collection of gift ideas!

  23. These are totally my style, the scarf and both the red and black dress rocks and I can see myself wearing these to a party or out and about

  24. I want those loafers so bad!! Thanks for sharing all these cute things!

  25. Please number 9, 10 and 2 for me! 🙂

  26. I adore the plaid scarf you’ve included, perfect for almost any occasion

  27. I love all of these beautiful gifts, especially the N necklace I would be more than happy with this on Christmas morning.

  28. Omg so many fabulous gift suggestions!!! I would love to open any one of them Christmas morning

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