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7 Promises to make in 2019


2019 is 4 days away and we all know what that means for most of the world: New Year’s Resolutions. This year, I suggest we do promises. We hold promises more dear to our values so I felt that was more fitting. If you don’t like the idea of a promise or it gives you too much pressure, we can call them goals. 

We all know resolutions aren't really the best thing to make for New Year's because they aren't kept most of the time. I suggest 7 promises to make in 2019 instead.

Let’s look at some facts about New Year’s Resolutions first!

  • Tradition says that the more leafy greens a person eats on new year’s day brings prosperity. My grandmother was big on this tradition so I’m definitely used to this one! Every New Years Eve after the countdown, we eat a spoonful of cooked collard greens. She also said a small bowl, or at least a spoonful, of black eyed peas with a teaspoon of sugar brought good luck so we keep that as a tradition as well! 
  • 37% of resolutions are to exercise more in the new year. This is another promise to myself. I want to be more active throughout 2019 to better my health from the inside. So starting with being more active seems like a great method to me. 
  • 40% of people are successful on the first try while 17% had to attempt their resolutions at least 6 times. Who’s apart of the 17%?  I am!



I want you to succeed so here are 7 promises to make for 2019.

1. Explore your inner self.

Find out who you are, what you love, what you hate, what excites you, what scares you, how you react to new things. Experience yourself. Love yourself. I’ve been on this journey all this year. After losing my grandmother, I felt I lost myself so I’ve been finding out who the hell I am and what makes me who I am. It’s a fun but wild and scary journey, however I think everybody should do this at least once every ten years. Life changes us. 

2. Set a goal and work on it every day, even if it’s only for 10-30 minutes.

Even those bad days will help your progress and at the end of 2019, you’ll be thankful you worked everyday.

3. Give back more often. This one can include any form of giving back.

Have you read a good book lately? Share your thoughts or just #finishedreading and include the authors name. That’s giving free promotion to that author and they more than likely will see your love for their book which is great for the soul. This is just an example, you can give back in so many ways and not even know it! Be creative.

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4. Be creative.

Yes, that’s another promise I want to make. I want to draw and sing and dance and write beautifully, but I’m so shy I don’t do it enough. Find ways to be creative. Be creative in different ways. It’s not all arts and craft for creativity! Coloring is a great way to relieve stress, focus, and be creative. Download some free coloring prints and have fun coloring them into your own creations!

5. Create a Happy List

This one should be fun! It’s really simple. Just list everything that makes you happy. Don’t add things that stresses you or confuses you, ONLY what makes you absolutely happy. This list will come in handy for those days that are down. You can just look at your list and choose one of those things.

6. Start Journaling

I’ve spoke about my bullet journal so many times before and I probably will continue for the rest of my life. I love my Bullet Journal though I rarely use it for my tasks and to-do lists anymore. It’s more of my journal and a very haphazard vision board! I love using my Leuchtturm1917 to reflect on how my day or week went. I try to use it everyday but writing it in at least weekly is great too!

7. Let Go

This one will probably be the hardest along with finding and loving yourself. 2019 needs to be the year of growth. Mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. 2018 was horrible for a lot of the world as far as spiritually and faith goes. Let’s promise ourselves to try our absolute best to let go of any anger, stress, pain, and worry that we may hold. I recently just forgave someone that upset me back in January. I now feel much more light and spiritually free. Try to just let things go when they don’t go your way, especially something you can’t control.


What are your promises or goals for next year?

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