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what’s in a brand design? + free template!

Welcome to the first official Brianna Sharee post! Since I recently rebranded my blog, I felt it was fitting to speak all about brand designing and what’s in a brand design! I’m also leaving a free template for you to download and make your own brand design!

what's in a brand design featured image graphic

If you’ve been reading Laqing In Creativity for a while, you know that I’ve been talking about rebranding since June of 2018. I’m happy to announce that Laqing In Creativity has finally been upgraded to Brianna Sharee. The new site is all about my journey of finding myself, loving myself, and living with myself. Brianna Sharee doesn’t lack in the creative space anymore, she’s a woman on a mission to create a life that she is happy with.

So, it was only right that the design of the new site fit this mindset. As you will see in the brand design for Brianna Sharee, I went with sophisticated and soft colors, yet fun fonts and bold textures.

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What’s in a brand design?


I spent months looking at other brand designs to get a feel of what I wanted for my brand. A sophisticated and pink theme with a touch of blue was always in mind. However, I didn’t want the colors to clash or overwhelm anyone looking at it. The sense of lacking in the creative space (hence the previous name) also kept me from creating a design that I was not only confident in, but one that I was in love with. It also helps to feel that your design is perfect for your target audience.

Does my ideal reader love the colors and tone of my design? Do they generally read blogs that are similar in style to mine? Would my design make them happy?

These are questions I constantly asked myself while going through the design process and you should be asking yourself the same questions. Yes, it looks months for me to answer them but I’d rather be happy with the final design than to rush and not be happy or confident in my decision!

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Once you have your inspiration and you have some ideas, it time to start thinking about the tone and feel of your brand. Again, I wanted my brand to be sophisticated yet fun and welcoming. I kept that in mind while picking my colors and fonts.

The look of your brand needs to reflect the tone you want it to give. 

Now, I’m not an expert on colors and what goes with what tones but if you want a bold and loud tone for your blog (nothing wrong with it, if you do), your colors should be bold and loud as well. Think black, bright orange, neons, and loud patterns that really catch the eye. If you want a more  subtle and quiet tone, the colors should be soft and muted. Think pastel. Minimalist tone goes great with black and whites, neutrals can work too if you want a splash of color. If you want luxury, think cream/nudes, black and whites, with metal finishes as your patterns.

BlogPixie has some great metal finishes you can check out and a free rose gold texture tutorial!


This is probably the easiest part once you get your tone and inspiration down. What goes in a brand design is ultimately up to you but there are a few basic things that almost every brand design includes.

  • header image(s)
  • sub mark(s) and/or avatar photo
  • typography (aka fonts). This includes any fonts you will use universally with your brand. Think of your font for your header and logos, the font for your heading on your website (which is the H1, H2, etc tags), and your body or paragraph font. For Laqing In Creativity, I had bought two beautiful fonts to use. However, I decided to stick with Google Fonts for Brianna Sharee because it’s universal and (probably) every computer can read those fonts. Plus, Google Fonts is free and easy to use. My header font, Hesterica Script Font, is the only custom font I downloaded for free. You can find that here, if you want it.
  • color palette. I’ve seen a few brand designs with only three colors, but most have had at least 6, which includes at least one pattern/texture.

The rest of the elements in a brand design are optional for each person/brand but can include:

  • business card design
  • signature (for blogs or email signature)
  • social icons
  • headers for facebook, twitter, pinterest pin image templates, etc.
  • About image, contact images, and other design elements you may want.

Brianna Sharee brand design

Finally I get to share with you my brand design! You can let me know what you think in the comments! The download link for your free brand design template is below this!

Brianna Sharee Brand Design Board. Posted on Briannasharee.com


To recap what’s in a brand design:

Research other designs, blogs, websites, brands, companies, etc to find inspiration. Remember your audience, ask yourself if your design will spark interest in your ideal reader, if your ideal reader reads blogs similar to yours, and how your design would make them feel. Keep the tone and feel of your design consistent. If you want bright and happy tone for your blog, your colors and fonts should reflect that. The elements you can include can be as many as just logos, and your color palette, to social designs, signatures, business cards, etc. You decided what’s important for your brand and go from there.


 You can download your free brand design template below!

download graphic text for email sign up and brand design template

Thank you so much for reading up to here and for even checking this post out! Let’s have a great year full of learning, loving, and success this year with Brianna Sharee!



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  1. EVERY business owner should read this. Your brand design says everything about you to first-time customers or prospects. It needs to be great, and it needs to be you!

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