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What to wear for Easter according to Pinterest

Easter is next week??? If you’re shocked, so am I. It feels like the years go by faster the older I get. My family and I aren’t sure if we’re going out for Easter this year as we recently lost my grandfather. That isn’t going to stop me from planning possible outfits! What better place to figure out what to wear for Easter than Pinterest?!

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What are your choices and styles for Easter? Do you prefer fun and comfy? Stylish and sophisticated? Unique and classy? I have four different outfits I found on Pinterest so you don't have to worry about what to wear for Easter!

Lately, my style has been very sophisticated and classy. I may have been spoiled with my purchases from Ann Taylor and LOFT for my current style obsession. However, considering it’s Easter and you’ll be around family, I think this style is appropriate! Here’s what I found on Pinterest when I searched What to wear for Easter.

My favorite picks on what to wear for Easter.

Found on Pinterest

I adore the simplicity of this outfit! The shoes can even be exchanged for flats if that’s more your style. The pink peplum top with white jeans is a classic I feel will be in for a long time. You can go out with this so it’s not an outfit that’s only for Easter.


Found on Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a white button up and flowing knee-length skirt in my opinion. Another classic look for Easter!

Found on Pinterest

I’m in love with this outfit! It’s very simple and perfect for the warmer weather!

Found on Pinterest

Sophisticated, comfortable, versatile. What better combination for Easter? You’re going to be taking pictures and eating, being comfortable with stretchy pants is a must!

Which outfit is your favorite?

Keep smiling!

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  1. Some lovely ideas here, love the floral blouses

  2. You have fabulous taste in clothes. I love the shoes, especially the second pair, the ones with the staps, and the long pink skirt. too.

    1. Thank you, Rhonda!! Those are my favorite too!

  3. Very pretty looks that are just in time for spring! I especially love the floral top with navy blue shorts and the purse! Great pieces

  4. Oh some lovely ideas. I love the skirts so pretty, I would love any of them!

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