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At The Park Photography

Happy Monday everyone! I have a different post for you today. Earlier this month, I decided to stop being afraid and pursue my photography dreams. To be frank with you now, this business while it is a passion and dream of mine, is just a hobby. I am still going to blog here at Brianna Sharee and work on my mission with you!

Anywho, I had my very first client within two weeks of putting my photography out there and I am so excited to share the pictures with you! It was nerve-wracking for me. I wasn’t sure how my directions were going to come out, whether or not my voice would be heard, or if I would even pace myself enough to take beautiful photos. However, everything turned out so fun. I kept God with me and I was praying the entire time lol.

Donnah and her family were so fun and beautiful!  I thanked them so much for being my first clients, aside from my brother. It was very helpful that she was my first outside client because she knew her angles and poses. She actually did more directing than I did but I had no problem with that because I was so nervous! Plus, I learned a lot from her.

That’s enough talking though, here are the pictures! Thank you again, Donnah and family for giving me this opportunity!

Until next time,

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