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Las Vegas to Los Angeles and Back – recap

Hello all! I am so glad to be back!! I’ve missed being here. I’ve been off vacation for about two weeks now but life had its own plans to drastically change so I am in a transitional phase. My sister, Elisabeth, came out to Las Vegas to visit me for two weeks. During those two weeks we took a million photos, those photoshoots will be posted on the blog soon. We went to the BTS Love Yourself;Speak Yourself tour, a recap on that night alone is coming. I’m happy to say I’ve also got some awesome foodporn to share on my foodie Instagram!

Starting with Los Angeles, there’s so much to say about that three-day trip. Our flight was with Southwest Airlines and it was my first time flying with them. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to fly with them again. Southwest, if you want to work out a sponsor, here’s my contact page.

We had an early flight, arriving at the airport around 5 am. Since stores weren’t open yet and we were waiting to grab something to eat, we had Bible Study at the airport. God revealed Himself to us so much since we started our Bible Study back in April and this morning was no different. The section to board the plane was fairly empty while we had Bible Study and I can honestly say that was all God’s work because as soon as we finished, the stores opened up and everybody for our flight came in waves.

Since we were challenging ourselves to stay on a budget, we decided to go for water since airport purchases are so expensive and wait out the hunger until we reached Los Angeles.

Getting to LA was calm and serene. The clouds created a whole new world for our eyes. The ground beneath us was covered and the sun was brightly glowing in the distance. I felt like I were in a movie!

backyard of our airbnb
the backyard patio of our Airbnb. the pool was gorgeous!
pool at our airbnb
Heres the pool! All of these photos were taken with my iPhone by the way.
flower in Reseda California
This was a beautiful tree we kept passing by on our walks to Starbucks and Subway!
sunset in LA
Coming from the Santa Monica Pier the following day of these events, we got to see the sunset in LA
Subway sandwich
We had a microwave but didn’t have time to cook anything so we ate Subway all three days of our vacation in LA except for Sunday dinner, which was Pizza!

Once we landed in LA (20 minutes earlier than planned), we found our way through the airport to the Lyft pickup area and got a ride to our Airbnb. Luckily our host’s Airbnb was located in a prime location with a Starbucks, Subway, Walgreens and dollar store around the corner. Literally an 8-minute walk from our place!

Now because we did arrive around 9 am to our Airbnb, we were welcomed to hang out in their backyard by the pool. This is because there was still another guest in our soon-to-be room waiting to check out at noon. We had no problem with that as our hosts were the sweetest couple. Gary and his wife Liane (these names are fake, for their privacy) were so welcoming and helped us to feel right at home.

Around 11 pm we decided to go to Starbucks and charge our phones and talk a bit more. At Starbucks, I saw my first cocaine drug deal. It was subtle but the security at Starbucks saw it and got it handled. That was wild.


clouds on our flight with southwest airlines

clouds in the sky


After that, we decided to leave to prevent seeing anything else like that and we were welcome back to be able to check in to our room! I will discuss more in the next recap blog post. It will include our Saturday which was heaven and hell in 24 hours. Stay tuned for that one coming next week!


Until next time,

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