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Journal one. The move to south Cali.

Hey everybody! I know it’s been forever. The truth is, if you don’t already know, I’m currently experiencing homelessness and am living out of my truck with my mother and younger brother.

To give the short recap: life has put us through Hell time and time again.

However! Alls not bad that seems bad. Losing my grandparents house in June of this year made me realize that my family and I have been homeless since 2015 when we had to give up our home and move in with my grandparents to care for them.

I’ve been asking on my twitter and Instagram for tips and suggestions of what I could blog about while homeless. Because I’ll be honest, I’m not the most motivated to blog when I am fighting to survive and find a meal and a safe place to sleep every night. I still miss blogging though. My love for it hasn’t changed, it just got distracted by life.

When I asked my question I received two answers but they were the same, ” blog journals about what you’re going through.” So that’s what I’m doing! The good thing about this is that I’ve already been recording and documenting some of my days so I have plenty to journal about.

I haven’t decided how I want my journals to be. Whether they should be a layout, how they should be written and published , etc.

The goal is to stay true to myself and be genuine in my journals. This is only the first out of who-knows-how-many journals but I do hope that you find these journals interesting or relatable or even inspiring. Even if they are entertaining for you, I would take that.

Until the next journal!

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