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Hustling & flirting

Here is another reflective journal post for you all. I remember writing this with a smile on my face as I thought about the events that happened that day. And the events that led up to this day. It was hell, that was for sure.
Reading back on this day, I have to laugh. It was all over the place and there were some gems that made this an experience I’ll never forget.

August 26, 2019. Monday. 

It turned 3am when I woke up. My mother was on her phone checking the traffic for the highway. We got out the truck in the hot morning heat and prepared the truck for LA. After visiting Walmart for more break oil and steering fluid, we got on the road around 4:45am.
One hour and 45 minutes later we were stranded on the I15 shoulder, 11 miles away from Baker, California. 
What a turn of events this has been so far! We prepared to be at the beach living our best lives and eating delicious bbq for my brother’s birthday and instead we’re traveling 5mph down the highway to Baker at 2:13pm.
It’s hot, I need to pee, and my phone service is off. What’s even more interesting is that I don’t regret making the choice to come out here to LA. I still know that it is where I am meant to be at this point in my life and I know there are huge blessings out there for us. Do I feel guilty that I want to be in LA, knowing my family was slightly hesitant? Yes, a bit. However I know they needed to be pushed out of their comfort zones too. Living in Las Vegas wasn’t doing any good for us. Our finances failed, our family was failing, and our health was failing.
As far as us being stranded, we had a blow out on our passenger back tire. Nobody has been able to help at this point and we still need to make $100 for the tire and labor but I know it will get paid.
Once we actually made it to Baker, we found a mobile mechanic that would fix the tire. Now we just had to wait for the money.

Flirting and hustling

As we were waiting for the money to arrive from my step aunt, a man pulled aside our car. We thought he was going to help us out with how concerned he seemed when he asked what was wrong.
Instead, he offered us tips on how to hustle, while he was hustling to get my number.
Let’s hustle and travel the world together” was his pick up line. Never have I been hit on in such a fashion but while I felt and looked like a duck with a very bad hair day, I have to say I appreciated that he saw past my struggles and found me beautiful.

I never gave him my number, but it was a great and funny start to our journey towards South Cali!

Once we actually arrived to the beach, it was around 9pm and we were all starving, tired, headaches wracking our brain and exhausted from the 18 hour drive that should’ve only taken 4 hours.

However, we did sit at the beach until it closed then we found a McDonald’s and got some dollar burgers.

Overall, that day was a memory I hope to never forget. It was eye opening, experimental, scary, funny, and so much more. Mostly, it was invigorating for me. Though I still have my moments where I’m shy or socially awkward, that day has changed me for the better. I’m fighting harder for what’s mine and what I want. I’m living more happy regardless of my circumstances and I’ve even started a positivity challenge on Instagram!

If you’d like to join the challenge, use the tag #LiveMyBestLifeChallenge and post something positive that happened to you or that you did daily for the rest of this year. It can be small happiness and success or big. Whatever you’re comfortable sharing! The purpose of this challenge is to have something to reflect on at the end of this year and compare our happy days to our bad days.

Tag me if you decide to join! @officialbrieee on Instagram!

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