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Jane iredale beyond matte foundation

Foundation shades m15 and m16

Hello everyone! Lately things have been so interesting regarding life! I have a job now, I am preparing to move into my own apartment, my blog business plan has been getting a face lift and my family and I are still homeless ! What a recap.

Even though we’re still looking for a place in the near future, we’ve been finding ourselves and growing as individuals. The roller coaster is still going strong but there’s always the time to get off.

Speaking of face lifts, I’ve been sent some complimentary Jane Iredale Matte Foundation to try!

Both foundation shades and the blending brush was gifted to me through Influenster for testing and review purposes. This gift does not reflect my reviews of the products and all opinions are my own.

Before I start my review, I want to tell you that’s it’s going to be fairly short! I’m trying something new with my review posts to see how it works. If you prefer the shorter review posts let me know in the comments! If you prefer the longer review posts, also let me know please and thank you 🙂

Jane Iredale beyond matte foundation.


Medium to full build! According to the stats of this foundation it’s a trio of prime, concealer, and evener for your complexion. I have to say it’s on par with its description! When I tried this foundation, I used only one pump and it covered my whole face while keeping me very natural. It blended in so well it even looked like I had no foundation on!


There were three thing she that surprised me about the wear of this foundation.

1. How light it was. Again, I only used one pump but it was enough to cover my whole face and neck. I kept forgetting I actually had foundation on!

2. No transferring. When I say there was no transfer on my hands, clothes, or anything that touched or rubbed against my face, I mean it. I even tested it by purposesly running my fingers across my nose which is the most oily part to see if any product came off. Nothing.

3. It lasted all day and came off easy! Usually, all day wear foundation takes makeup remover and a good wash to get all the product off. This lasted all day and came off with one cleanser???? Since when does that miracle happen?


Not my favorite. This foundation is going to run you around $50 at Ulta, Jane Iredale, Nordstrom and other stores. The cheapest I’ve seen thanks to Google is around $32 at Walmart. The price isn’t so bad and I will definitely make another purchase if I have $50 to spare on foundation alone. But until then, I will stick to my Covergirl foundation that I buy from Walmart for around $12!

What do you think of the Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Foundation? Have you tried it yet? How did you like this review and it’s length? Let me know your thought so in the comments!

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