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[YOUTUBE] BH Cosmetics Unboxing and La Bouclette Review

Hey there! This video is a short unboxing of my newest eye shadow palette Take Me Back To Brazil by BH Cosmetics and a review for jewelry from LaBouclette.

None of the content created is sponsored or paid for. I purchased both products with my own money on my own accord.


Being in South Korea has taught me so much about myself and the world. I have been doing a lot of maturing and learning so far in these 6 months living on my own. Wow! I live on my own! That’s still so crazy to be saying. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this short video of the unboxing! I met the co-owner of LaBouclette through HelloTalk and she became my friend, introducing me to her brand. I am still wearing and loving the earrings I purchased even almost two months later! They’re in great shape!

Until next time,

Brianna Sharee

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